PS3 Wireless Keypad alternative: the mini chat-board

Want that PlayStation 3 wireless keypad but you don't want to cough up the 50 bucks? Here's an alternative you might want to consider.

It's the new mini chat-board from Speedlink. It's not as nice and glossy as the official PS3 keypad, but it's lighter on the wallet. It costs EUR 29.99 (US$ 41).

The product description only mentions the keyboard function, so you won't get the touchpad feature that the official Sony one has. But it's still ten bucks cheaper, so what do you expect?

The keyboard is powered by two AA batteries, and connects to the PlayStation 3 via a 2.4GHz USB receiver. It will be available in European territories sometime this month.

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Raoh3478d ago

you loose a usb port.

you have to use batteries.

you loose the touchpad feature.

probably a few quick keys as well.

just to save $10?

not worth it IMO

meepmoopmeep3478d ago

yeah, for that price i'd go with the official PS keypad.
better features on the PS Keypad than this one.

barom3478d ago

Agreed. I'll pay 10$ more to get the touch pad and a slicker look.

San anto3478d ago

i think ill stick to balancing a keyboard on my lap.

Johnny Rotten3478d ago

AA batteries are so last gen.