FamilyFriendlyGaming Review: Ultimate Band

Family Friendly Gaming:

"Music games are all the rage these days, so I was not too excited to play Ultimate Band. I looked through the song list, and after some research my heart dropped even farther knowing some of the lyrical issues and bad lessons in some of the songs. Then I started to play Ultimate Band, and the game play won me over. The movements required by Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers are intelligent in their design. Some of the songs are highly addictive, and got into my head. Losing a night of sleep because that song kept playing in my head was a little annoying.

Ultimate Band has a lot safer look for families than many music games. With that said, the graphics can be dark, and pick interesting angles to show the bands rocking and rolling. There are some interesting attire choices in Ultimate Band. A few hit the questionable section, but the majority are okay.

The song selection in this Nintendo Wii video game is of different secular songs. I did not find any Christian rock and roll songs in Ultimate Band. The game also thanks the player for doing well, or borderline insulting when the player does not do to well. Expect kids to repeat what they hear, and you may not approve of some of these sayings - especially with the attitude. The lyrics in many of the songs exhibit a wide array of bad lessons like coveting, and selfishness."

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