FamilyFriendlyGaming Review: Disney Think Fast

Family Friendly Gaming writes:

"Disney Th!nk It is a great family trivia game on the Wii. Up to four family members can show off their knowledge of different Disney franchises. The Genie from the Aladdin movies hosts the game show, and there are some marque Disney characters playable (like Mickey, Goofy, Donald, etc.). Disney Interactive Studios included quite a few different kinds of rounds in this trivia game that has made it a lot of fun. They also made this Wii video game accessible for all ages of the family (editor: that are of video game playing age). The deep history of the Disney movies is included in this game in over five thousand questions.

Fans of Disney will find a lot to like in the images found in Disney Th!nk It. From Donald Ducks temper tantrums to the Genie's Elvis impersonations there are plenty there are lot of classic animations. Most of the rounds include a question with the possible answers being found in pictures. This opens up the game for younger gamers who do not know how to read yet."

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