FamilyFriendlyGaming Review: Build-A-Bear Workshop: A Friend Fur All Seasons

Family Friendly Gaming writes:

"One of the greatest games for families on the Nintendo DS in my book was Build a Bear. I asked for a sequel, and thought one on the Wii would make perfect sense. Well that request has been fulfilled with Build a Bear A Friend Fur All Seasons, and it is on the Wii. This is another video game from The Game Factory that improves the image of gamers, and the industry as a whole. Build a Bear A Friend Fur All Seasons is good clean fun that anyone in the family can enjoy for months, and it includes multiplayer modes as well. Getting to collect, and swap around different accessories is entertaining enough, but add in mini games, and party games - well this is another winner. There are plenty of fun games on the Wii, and this one is in the upper echelon of that category."

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