Street Fighter IV - New Japanese Trailer

Capcom published a stunning new Street Fighter IV trailer. Enjoy.


Trailer has been updated with a better version.

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freeman293263d ago

This game looks amazing. Its a "must buy".

Supercalifragili3263d ago

Man, I´m not even a fan of the series but this trailer makes anyone want to buy it. Fantastic!

Supercalifragili3263d ago

Anyone knows when it will be released?

diefor3263d ago

Release date 20 February 2009.

SeanScythe3263d ago

Was it just me or did they mess up the names for Bison and Vega? They called them the wrong names.

Skerj3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

Originally Bison/Dictator = Vega, Vega/Claw = Balrog, and Balrog/Boxer = M. Bison. It was changed because M. Bison stood for Mike Bison, which was supposed to be an homage to Mike Tyson. Capcom USA didn't want to get sued so they changed it to Balrog. They also thought Vega sounded too weak for who you know as M. Bison/Dictator so they changed his name as well. And Balrog/Claw was changed to Vega.

In Japan their names are still as they are, to slow down confusion, the SF community has dubbed them Boxer, Dictator, and Claw. ..even though everyone in the SF community knows the story already.

While we're on it, Akuma's actual name is Gouki.

SeanScythe3263d ago

Thank yo for the 411 Mr. JACKSON!

Supercalifragili3263d ago

Nice explanation Skerj, and thanks Diefor for the release date.

Supercalifragili3263d ago

In the Japanese version Bison is Vega and Vega is Balrog.

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