Monster Hunter 3 producer uncertain about game's fate overseas

Monster Hunter 3 producer Ryozo Tsujimoto is uncertain about the fate of the game in the overseas market.

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Darkseider3512d ago

THE ONE and ONLY freakin' game that has me excited for the Wii throughout 2009 and it may never come to NA? Oooh HELL NO. If this game does not come to EU and NA I am willing to bet there will be a lot of really pissed off Wii owners.

Mikhal55693512d ago

I want it, I want! Are you listening Capcom?

kunit22c3512d ago

It better! this game looks raw! really it better. If it doesnt i bet there will be alot of mad wii owners.

gaznutta3512d ago

I am so stoked about this game im gonna buy two copies!!! one for the flat and one for the parents house for when im over weekends.

To me Capcom 'are Video games' and if anyone can change the view of the Wii developers then Capcom can do it!. Everyone needs to buy this along with the Conduit, Madworld,Overkill and deadly creatures and support those developers that are real gamers themselves, refusing to make yet more shovel ware.

We want it, we want it!!

LokMessier3512d ago

This is where I say capcom should have done more advertising of the game, perhaps if they do enough now and an abundance in the summer time perhaps the producer will see it's value over here. Who knows capcom could really move quite a few Monster Hunter Freedom Unites, and for the most part their could be quite a lot of people playing online, being that we are finally getting online play back for the series over here.