FamilyFriendlyGaming Review: Bolt

Family Friendly Gaming:

"A lot of movie based games (excluding true gems like Cars) are short, and do not include a lot of unlockable content. There is some unlockable content, but the length of Bolt is actually impressive. Sadly some of that is because of repetitive fighting, but still. Only one player can play Bolt at a time, so this is one of those games Family Friendly Gaming says ya'll can use to teach patience.

All in all the controls are decent in Bolt. The 3D graphics with some of the angles of the jumps can lead to quick deaths. Disney Interactive Studios included unlimited continues so only a few things need to be repeated (generally). This can lead to frustration, and certainly did with me a few times. I perservered though, and adjusted the way I perceived things. It only took a few tries to figured those jumps out, and the next time I was much quicker at solving the problem."

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