FamilyFriendlyGaming Review: Cooking Mama World Kitchen

Family Friendly Gaming:

"Cooking Mama is one of those amazing franchises that we can not get enough of at Family Friendly Gaming. Well maybe not everyone, but certainly I am into it, and my ever so amazing hubby has also found fun in this franchise. Cooking Mama World Kitchen is the fourth Cooking Mama game to be released in the United States of America, and the second one on the Nintendo Wii. This time around Majesco Entertainment put even more effort into using the Wii Remote. We still get to cook, and Mama is still very encouraging. She lets you make mistakes and tells you to try harder - no getting whacked upside the head for sassing her. Actually she is so nice that I had no interest in back talking. That is not entirely true, there were a few mini games that I wanted her to explain to me a little bit better."

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