PlayStation Home Content Update Coming This Week

Cyd at the PS Blog writes "For those of you who haven't already met me, I'm CydoniaX, the PlayStation Home Community Manager. I wanted to give you a quick update on new content coming to PlayStation Home this week. First, the Red Bull space is going live!Ligne Roset and Diesel will now have their own storefronts in the PlayStation Home Mall, so that you will be able to locate these brands more easily. SCEA is adding Resident Evil: Degeneration themed T-shirts for all fans..."

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DeforMAKulizer3508d ago

Finally something new in Home!
I can't wait to see how it expands this year!

Cajun Chicken3508d ago

I hope this all come into the EU home at the same time.

DeforMAKulizer3508d ago

Hopefully they will be bringing it to the EU as well...
PSN should get more globally unified!

kapedkrusader3508d ago

...I have high hopes for HOME. The fact that they're top priority now is Game Launching, shows promise.

marinelife93508d ago

Whatever happened to the Resistance Fall of Man and Warhawk Home spaces?

DeforMAKulizer3508d ago

I think they will be coming shortly! =D
I hope so that is...

vickers5003508d ago

What's up MAK? I didn't know you were a contributor here at n4g.

incogneato3508d ago

Yay finally something new! More stuff for us to buy yet they keep taking away great features like voice and making more mods to satisfy the parents who use videogames to raise their children! Woohoo.. not.

rockleex3508d ago

That Universal Space would be where you go when you want to transfer to other Home regions such as Japan Home or European Home.

They should also design the Universal Space as a Space Station out in the Universe(wordplay). You transfer into different Home regions by entering spacecrafts, pods, using teleportation, or any sci-fi stuff.

This is an effort to bring the PlayStation community closer together. ^_^

Btw, whatever happened to the non-graphical version of Home that was supposed to be integrated into the XMB? I assume it would include a chatroom that is divided into multiple categories so PSN users would be able to communicate with each other live. With abilities to add friends, create rooms, invite friends into rooms, private chat, text/video/audio chat, etc.

Possibilities are endless. Lets hope Sony shows some of these features at CES. ^_-

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shadowghost7523508d ago

Does this apply to europe aswell?

Hulligan853508d ago

Dont be silly.

We'll get it in about 6 months, if they give us it at all.

MaximusPrime3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

ok its a broken link.....

looks like PS blog is updating

As a closed beta member, i have access to "private" section of EU PS forum. I've ask home community manager if EU getting updates too.

I'll reply here if there is a response.

ThatCanadianGuy3508d ago

Cool ! Tv's an stereos for our apartments please? :)

Skerj3508d ago

That's what I'm waiting for, hell I'd spend 20 bucks on the TV itself and no more than 10 for the stereo. I REALLY want video streaming and music streaming would be a nifty bonus as well. Considering these things were promised in the past, I don't think I'm being unrealistic in my demands. Instead of adding the stupid clothes that nickel and dime people they should add the big ticket items that DO things.

rbluetank3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

it would be fun for people to sit in the seat like they are at a boxing match and watch gamer fight in the boxing ring. lol this is great news. keep up the good work sony!!!

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