FriendlyFamilyGaming Review: Animal Crossing City Folk

Friendly Family Gaming:

"The release of Animal Crossing City Folk on the Wii signifies a major event in the video game industry. I have played the Gamecube, and Nintendo DS versions of this franchise. I have found a lot of things to like, and a few things I would like to see improved. Some of those have occurred in this Wii game, and some I am still waiting on. The biggest change in this version is the inclusion of the city. This is actually the most natural progression of a lot of the characters who used to visit the town in previous games. Going to town is simple, and makes a lot of sense. Nintendo expanded the characters, and what can be done. One of these new characters is a fortune teller. This seems strange to us at Family Friendly Gaming. We are not clear why something as polarizing as a fortune teller was included but there is still no church included. If the city alone was not enough to interest mellow gamers, Wii Speak has also been added. This allows players to talk to one another through a microphone. Nintendo kept the friend codes in place so you will know who you are talking to. Parents should still oversee the games their children to play to make sure they are not hearing anything offensive from those with less of an education in etiquette."

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