GCHD: 5 minutes of KillZone 2 Gameplay Footage

Hey guys, with only a few weeks left before Sony unleashes their prized shooter, KillZone 2, GCHD has released 5 minutes of gameplay footage for you to look at. This footage starts out with the familiar opening we've seen for several years, but then explores deeper into Chapter 2. Some nice explosions, level destruction, and multiple examples of Killzone's physics engine is on display.

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InMyOpinion3479d ago

One thing that I hate in certain FPS games(COD) is scripted enemies that respawn right after you've picked them off.

It's a good thing Killzone 2 does not have that flaw. The enemy AI looks very solid and the lighting is simply amazing.

Beg For Mercy3479d ago

for you jenzo for admitting that the games looks good think youll get a ps3 so you can enjoys this and the other great titles available only on ps3

El_Colombiano3479d ago

Wait....what? You're being sarcastic? You usually make stupid comments that make no sense about Ps3 games...I'm watching you. Haha not really.

Anyway, I can not wait for this beast of a game!

Kleptic3478d ago

this video is almost as old as we are...its 'new' to the site I guess...but its pre-alpha work in progress code (using that as GG's title, that is what is says on the screen...not bringing up the whole 'pre-alpha' fiasco)...

so this is the build shown at E3...there are 3 full updates to the code available since...

there is a video of blood meridian that went up today, and you can download the 720p direct feed...its the newest build; the review code...and the differences between the preview and review builds are surprising, as there are some major tweaks to filtering, lighting, and blood splatter...and the game stands entirely in a league of its own...

thor3478d ago

I remember that in one preview (I think it was IGN) - there was this problem in one section. Perhaps they have remedied it, or it was a one-off occurance within the game. Either way, I don't know WHY devs can't simply change the number of enemies that spawn from infinite down to a finite number - it's a really simple thing to do and it does really irritate me.

itchy183478d ago

Cheers to jenzo for admitting that this game is simply amazing. ;)

ultimolu3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

...I don't trust you. :<
But if you meant it, then cheers.

Bathyj3478d ago

Jenzo, is your little brother on your computer again?
Of course I'm just kidding. :)

And let me just say, anyone who has been a hater or non believer in the past, who now wants to get a PS3, or simply give credit where its due, as Jenzo has done, I personally will never say I told you so or rub anyones nose in it.

I will simply say "Welcome."

boodybandit3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

hell has officially frozen over. ;)

The AI in this game looks incredible. The next several weeks is going to feel like an eternity. Thankfully SFIV will make the last couple weeks bearable before it's release.

InMyOpinion3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

If they lower the price I'll probably get one.

I've always liked Uncharted, and LBP + Killzone 2 both look really good.

@Kleptic - I'm gonna go see if there are newer vids posted. Old or not, the lensflare effects are still incredible in this vid.

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rbluetank3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

i am buying two k2 games in feb. the game is looking like a GOTY nominee. i have two beta keys for the early k2 beta in feb. i can not wait to compare early previews of the game with every. everybody.


This is so old.Just look at the latest version of this stage and u will c the graphics have improved. But i still think it looks good.. ;-D


Is it jst me or did jenzo just write something good about a ps3 game.... :/

Its a trap, im sure he is up to something!?!?!?!?!?!

achira3478d ago

cannot wait for this dammmmmmmmmmmmn game! come on ferbruary!!!!!!!

NedBraden3478d ago

I agree...this video looks good. I've seen some of this level before (obviously the opening) but a good portion of it is new to me. I enjoyed this a lot...can't believe all the 360 fans haven't taken over this thread yet with lies and hatred lol

RPG Guy3478d ago


Seriously, this game is MAKING me a fanboy right now. KZ2 FTW.

Come Feb 27 (post University Midterms...woot!) This is my past-time. This and only this once them books are put down! See ya online day one folks!

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