LG whips the covers off LH9000 wireless HDMI at CES 2009

LG has just announced its LH9000, which features a wireless HDMI connection. What's the point of that, you ask? Well, you can store your PS3 and Sky HD box in a cupboard somewhere out of the way, and still enjoy all your games and TV without crowding your lounge.

Just plug in up to four HD sources to a wireless receiver, which sits with them somewhere up to 10m away. The box talks to the TV over the air, meaning no cables and boxes cluttering your lounge. Bliss.

It's full HD, meaning no compromise in picture quality, and LG claims its wireless tech involves no compression, so your films will look as great as with a wired connection.

This is proper futuristic stuff. Expect to see it in the UK in April.

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Nineball21123478d ago

After I've invested the money in cables and have everything wired!

It would look very nice just to have the flatscreen LCD hanging on the wall with nothing else around it... :-)

Vagrant_13478d ago

I would love to have this in my house. Well maybe a different brand but the tech is more than welcome

Graphics Whore3478d ago

I heard about this not to long ago, I really was doubtful that it was going to become a consumer product this quickly, glad I'm wrong.