LG lauches a trio of 1080p monitors splattered with ATSC tuners, USB Multilink

Engadget writes: "LG just announced a threesome of LCD monitors using its f-ENGINE image processing chip for those of you using your monitors as makeshift HDTVs. The flagship M237WD (pictured) features a 1080p, 16:9 aspect panel stretching 23-inches with a built-in ATSC tuner, 5ms refresh, 30,000:1 dynamic contrast, a vast array of A/V inputs (2x HDMI, 2x SCART, DVI, and plenty more), and a universal infrared remote control. The LG 53 series is available in 27-, 24-, 23-, and 22-inch models with a 1080p resolution or lesser 20- and 19-inch models. Key specs include a 2ms response, 50,000:1 dynamic contrast, HDMI input, touch panel controls and f-ENGINE processing."

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