Sessler's Soapbox: Adam Sessler's Crystal Ball

g4tv: A New Year brings us many things; resolutions you will never keep, sales that don't really save you any money, and predictions for the next year that hardly ever come true. Enter Adam Sessler!

Joining in with the rest of the games journalism community, Adam has decided to dig deep into that giant brain of his and predict what he thinks will happen for the major consoles and publishers in the next year. After such an amazing year for us gamers, could 2009 possibly top 2008? Will we see the return of some major franchises or the beginning of new ones? Will the Wii continue to sell so much? Are soy beans a safe stock investment opportunity?

No one knows what the future brings, but it sure is fun to speculate! Check out this week's Soapbox to see what The Sess sees in his magic crystal ball. Do you think Adam has hit the nail on the head? Or is he totally off-base?

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Vojkan3391d ago

OMG this guy has such a nerdy voice.
Love how he defended xbox 360