A Look at the 360 Hard Drive Transfer Process writes "After the NXE and its sexy new "install games to your hard drive feature" debuted I knew it was only a matter of time before I caved and bought a 120 GB 360 HDD. After receiving a holiday gift card to Best Buy, I decided the time was ripe. I tried to research the process online and found a vast void of emptiness. No one was really talking about how the transfer process worked and how easy it was. So I set out on my journey alone. A journey to bring everyone the hard (drive) facts about how the transfer of data from my original 20GB hard drive to my new 120GB worked and what it entailed. If you are thinking about making this landmark decision like I did, I suggest you hit the jump to see just what is in store for you."

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Captain Tuttle3512d ago

I just picked one of these babies up on Amazon but have to wait until my machine gets back from the shop. For the SECOND time.