Jeff Green Reacts to Kennedy's Blog and UGO's Blowup of

Jeff Green, former editor-in-chief of Games for Windows magazine (nee Computer Gaming World), has reacted to remaining editor Sam Kennedy's blog about the recent UGO acquisition of and the subsequent layoffs. Green states that Kennedy was forced to "put on a brave face" since he'd inherited "a mess". Green, now a member of The Sims 3 dev team, has no such constrictions, and thrashed UGO.

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JonahFalcon3421d ago

No, really, this is depressing.

Parapraxis3421d ago

I feel 1up's upheaval is an important issue for gamers.
Like 1up or not, they played a very big role in the gaming community. Any time this sort of fallout occurs, it's a bad thing.
1up produced high quality material. Call them bias all you wan't, call them fanboys etc, it was still merely a matter of opinion, and when a tightly knit crew such as theirs form opinions often they are similar across the board. (maybe that's where the concepts of them being bias one way or another stem from?)
The people who were let go did a lot of good for the gaming community. They interviewed very important people, they offered content that would have otherwise been much later revealed (through things like the 1up show) They honestly care about the industry from what I've seen/read/listened to.
So yeah, best of luck to all those let go.
I hope they find even better jobs.
Read Jeff's blog. It was well written and gives another aspect from which we can understand what these folks are going through.

ThichQuangDuck3421d ago

even though I only like the 1up show and hated their reviews and EGM (subscribed til like 2012 with a bunch of free issues)only liked exclusives previews and other tidbits. I will miss it and wonder what crappy magazine I will be getting instead of egm unless they shock me and give readers a refund for advance years.