Xboxic: The Working Man's Review - Castle Crashers

Xboxix writes: "Now that the patch has finally been released and you can now play with your friends or any other random person (that reminds me of a funny story about my wife's aunt–perhaps I'll share it after the jump), I think it's finally time to give this game a legitimate review. So, if you are interested in reading a review of the now final game or if you just want to read a funny story about my wife's aunt and how it relates to video games, read on.

Castle Crashers is very aptly named if you call your controller your "castle" and you consider the word "crashers" as a synonym (that's two words that have similar meanings) for "smashers". Yes, this game hails back to the simpler time when you could wear out a controller in a matter of months because of the fierce beating you were giving it each day. It's kind of like if you ever tried to play Tie Fighter with a mouse. Yep, I destroyed the mouse on the family computer playing that game."

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