Houston, Wii are being taken over

The Wii sold 20.1 million games in 2008, but how does this effect more traditional gamers, with the PS3s, PCs and Xboxes? Publishers may well be more inclined to churn out pretty dire 'family games' that sell like hot cakes rather than exciting new IPs or the like. Looking at EA's release schedule for 2009, it contains, amongst others Brain Training For Dummies, Hasbro Family Game Night, MySims Party, MySims Racing, Littlest Pet Shop Spring, SimAnimals and Trivial Pursuit.

Is the Wii taking over?

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Skyyo3480d ago

Yes Yes the Wii is taking over

But honestly Sony and MS have enough first party studios and contracts with big studios to make good games. Now we may not get Great new ip's but we will get good games.

Mikhal55693480d ago

The next two or three months are going to be extremely important for Wii owners and third party developers. If games like the Madworld, Conduit, House Of The Dead Overkill etc, sell well. Then a lot of fanboys and shoddy Third party developers out there can finally shut the hell up.

interrergator3479d ago

more like taking over the universe