Consumers Love Ads - That's Why They're Built Into NXE

Speaking at a panel about game networks and social gaming at the 2009 CES Game Power Conference, Microsoft marketer Shawn McMichael talked about advertising on Xbox Live.

According to him, "Consumers love it." He cites the downloads of the Doritos adver-game (more than any XBLA title ever) as well as the higher-than-internet-average clickthrough rate of ads as his reasoning.

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Parapraxis3182d ago

LOL, great news. Expect more tie-ins with advertisters and little mini-games guys =)

ahnonamis3182d ago

That IS great news since we apparently love them.

Good thing they told me, too. I always thought I hated advertisements.

panasonic233182d ago

lol how many artcile we gonna see about ads on live

DomUltra3182d ago

Even with XBL having advertisements behind it you still pay for XBL. The irony.

mariusmal3182d ago

when you go subscriber on you get rid of the ads.. like in most sites and services...

live is so original that i pay 60 euros a year and i still get to see advertisements.