Sony, Atari Call Ghostbusters to Blu-ray, Games

"Within this announcement is the first official confirmation that Atari plans to release the Xbox 360 and PS3 version of Ghostbusters: The Game "simultaneous" with the Blu-ray Disc release. We take that to mean day-and-date so mark your calendars and save those pennies.

First details of new features on the Ghostbusters Blu-ray have emerged that reveal four all-new Blu-ray exclusives. The complete list, including ported features from DVD, is as follows..."

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kapedkrusader3389d ago

...this is the most perplexing title for a story EVER. Can't they just say that both the game and the Ghostbusters (Blu-ray) will be simultaneously released.

Mc1873389d ago

That would require most of these internet sites to employ someon with some sort of journalism degree.

ThanatosDMC3389d ago

HAHAHAH... that was great! Bubbles up.

IzKyD13313389d ago

Agreed, this guy, can't, make, cohesive sentences, with, proper, placements, of, commas

celldomceen13389d ago

i was reading the title and thinking,what.........

mugoldeneagle033389d ago

I LOVE Ghostbusters, don't get me wrong, but an additional $10.00 for pretty much one new HD feature?

I just picked up The Dark Knight and Pineapple Express on Blu Ray both for under 30, and a movie from 1989 cost this much?

Fortunetly (or Unfortunetly) I have a knack for needing things on day 1, no matter what the price, so looks like I'll have to dedicate at least one day to nothing but Ghostbusters.

Now any news on Ghostbusters II?

LeonSKennedy4Life3389d ago

Same here.

I honestly think my mom will be in line before I am. She LOVES Ghostbusters.

joydestroy3389d ago

damn i feel like a sucker. i paid 30 for Pineapple Express. it's really hard to find the cheapest price for blu ray movies. you have to do lots of looking. sometimes it's not even worth the savings though honestly.

LeonSKennedy4Life3389d ago

New title, please?

On another note...YES! I CAN'T FREAKIN' WAIT!!!

ry-guy3389d ago

Old news.

I bet you guys didn't know that Time Life released the entire cartoon collection (the Real Ghostbusters) out in a box set.

I have it.

It is amazing.

Evildoomnerd3389d ago

You smug, lucky prick! I have to wait for my tax return :(

ry-guy3389d ago

I'll give you a bubble for your trouble.

I love it.

So worth the money.

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