Online Game Sales Rise While Music/Movies Fall

Online sales of video games saw a sharp increase this holiday season, indicating that gamers are moving further away from brick and mortar stores like GameStop.

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SirLarr3507d ago

Anything that makes people move away from DRM'd music is good news, I says.

Viewtiful3507d ago

I just think it's funny how games are still perceived as the underground cult following while music and movies are mainstream. We constantly see these kinds of stories that disprove this.

cain1413507d ago

I'll buy anyway that I can get my games. What ever is most convenient/cheapest.

James Abels3507d ago

Strange how music and movies are down, and The Pirate Bay had soo much news coming out of it, oops

ThePimpOfSound3507d ago

I wonder if this includes craigslist transactions. You can def save a few bucks off gamestop that way

ihaten4glol3507d ago

The only thing I really spend money on is games. I rarely buy music or movies. :D

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The story is too old to be commented.