Gamer 2.0: New Year's Resolutions for the Gaming Industry in 2009

Games 2.0 writes: "At this same time last year, we at Gamer 2.0 contemplated what we had just witnessed in 2007. It was a year stockpiled with great games, from BioShock to Halo 3 to Uncharted to – honestly, this list could continue endlessly if we let it. Our 2007: The Year In Screenshots successfully covers all of this. We wondered aloud if 2007 was the best year in gaming in the new millennium. And now, at the dawn of the final year of this decade, we think again about where the industry has been and where it will go.

In the spirit of the holiday – even if that holiday passed us by some days ago – we have some things we would like to see out of the gaming industry in 2009. You can call them, 'New Years Resolutions.'"

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