Fate Of EGM's Unpublished 20th Anniversary Issue Unknown

The last printed issue of the just-canceled Electronic Gaming Monthly, will be the January 2009 issue. But production on February issue, which would have its 20th anniversary, had already begun internally and we've learned that it could still see the light of day…


The Internet, Twitter, Facebook and message boards exploded last night (and crashed several servers in the process) over the news that more than 30 employees had been laid off from Ziff Davis Media as a result of an acquisition by UGO Entertainment. As a result of the acquisition, Ziff Davis announced the closing of EGM, one of the biggest American magazines in video game history.

EGM was one issue away from its 20th anniversary, February 2009. Editors were hard at work at the landmark issue, but January 2009 will be the last printed issue of EGM.

UGO does not own the rights to EGM's material, Ziff Davis does. When I spoke with 1UP site manager Sam Kennedy last night, I asked what would happen to the material that was being written for EGM's anniversary.

"At this point, Ziff probably has to answer that," said Kennedy. "What I can say is that our plan was to put [EGM's] content online, either in PDF or a larger feature on 1UP, but I don't know if the plan remains still because of [the acquisition]."

For months, the rumor among reporters in San Francisco was that EGM was coming to an end. Kennedy's comments suggest the company may have been planning a non-print version before the acquisition was official, possibly out of concern that the magazine wasn't going to be printed.

If you want to see the last bits of EGM, readers, time to send some e-mails.

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Apocalypse Shadow3509d ago

EGM went downhill a long time used to have some good game coverage,had exclusives about games,great reviews,etc.but the days of "sushi-x and company" were long since gone.

then they hired that bum dan shu and it was turned into a poor mag.bad color usage,not enough good information,poor reviews and more advertising than magazine.

never mind the attacks on ps3 to gain hits like the tomato ps3 cover.or the bash on killzone2 for bad A.I. when the game was an early trailer at E3 but gave halo3 a great score for A.I. when it was a "finished game"......HOW DO YOU COMPARE FINISHED TO UNFINISHED?


not sad in the slightest to see them go.most information is put out on the net faster than any mag.although i used to buy mags,it is now just a waste of can read them on the rack at barnes and nobile without purchase.i still have old EGMS,and reading them,they are better than what's out now.oh,wait......their gone.hahaha!!!

no sadness here.