The new Killzone2 will appeal to all players

The ongoing popularity of Microsoft's Halo series is not only due to the design skill of the development team at Bungie, but also their pioneering work on fostering an active online community.

Killzone2 developer Guerrilla Games knows that creating a shooter as enduringly popular as Halo 3 is a Herculean task. But Eric Boltjes, senior online game designer, believes the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive has online multiplayer modes that will keep any player entertained for many months.

"When we started out we set ourselves four goals," says MrBoltjes, "the first one being that everyone can enjoy Killzone online. In addition to that, we wanted to inspire team play and create community that goes beyond the game."

Another goal was to enable players of all abilities to enjoy themselves immediately.

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rucky3427d ago

"Except The BoTs"

Reiterated... just to let yourself heard cause of your bubbles.

Foliage3427d ago

Everyone will enjoy it, besides some of THOSE reviewers.

resistance1003427d ago

The Beta was the best online experience i have had so far this gen. I'm sure i will be hooked on the retail version for many months

chaosatom3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

I think it will convert lots of xbox owners.

Bundled with PS3, and it will be selling like MGS4 like no another.

jwatt3427d ago

To me I think the online is going to be the big selling point because that's what keeps you playing months after release.

iHEARTboobs3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

I think they should also have a KZ2/Bluetooth bundle for around $80-90.

edit: @ guys below
I have a plantronics bluetooth headset and it works great with my phone and PS3, but i'd love to have the sony headset because of the mute button. Mine doesn't have a mute option.

chaosatom3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

That's even better idea.

Lots of people will buy the blu-tooth if bundled with the games. Buying it alone is still expensive.

Kleptic3427d ago

^^agreed...throw in the official PS headset with Killzone 2 for $90, and it would be hard to turn down...

i'm very happy with that headset so far...and totally agree...the beta for Killzone 2 wiped the floor with every other shooter I have played this gen, bringing back a level of addiction and fun I haven't had since Doom 2, or playing Goldeneye with other friends...

only bad part is that I played the beta 1 day after buying Resistance 2...and Resistance 2 don't right sucks in comparison...Sorry Insomniac, it was a good effort...and you still got my money...but everything is absolutely corny as hell compared to killzone 2 imo right now...

Ju3427d ago

The Sony headset has the advantage that it has an onscreen display for all things On/Off/Mute/Volume. That's pretty nice, in case you forget you're on mute. And it comes with an USB charger/docking station.

Infinite-Ammo3426d ago

You are so lucky to have got into the BETA, can't wait for this.

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ultimolu3427d ago

All I know is that January is moving too sloooooow. :[
Come on February!

Nineball21123427d ago

Yeah, I'm really looking forward to this too.

I wonder how big of a hit the online play for other FPSs will suffer when this game gets here?

Will the R2, COD:WaW, etc. servers become empty? I have a feeling they very well might, at least for a while.

smurfie43427d ago

You'll notice the distinct difference between this game and every other fps upon first moving your character and firing your weapon. The sense of weight is unlike any fps game to date.

blklinen3427d ago

ive been waiting so long for this game i cant wait until feb 27

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