Hellboy New Trailer For PS3 And Xbox 360

As demonic forces threaten the world, the BPRD has once again called upon Hellboy and his Right Hand of Doom to smash some monsters to pulp.

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techie4053d ago

Looks lie sh't to me. Is this meant to be next-gen? Doesn't look like next-gen graphics OR gameplay. Looks a lot like soulreaver (which I guess isn't a bad thing) - but prob no where near as good.

I think "meh" might suffice.

shadowxcore4053d ago

wtf..looks like a kiddie game to me...i had hoped they would make this a dark, more serious evil looking game...

guess not..

ChickeyCantor4053d ago

yep ripping of some enemys head is kiddie for sure!

Drew4053d ago

=( I think we should just ban licensed games altogether. I think it'd solve a lot of problems.

Rasputin20114053d ago

I was really hyped thinking this game would be made to show case the darker side of the Hellboy franchise instead of just giving us more commercial beat'em up style game....Totally disappointed already.

binx4053d ago

the xbox 360 version looks so much better than the ps3, but hey that is standard.

ChickeyCantor4053d ago

i know i shouldnt reply to idiotic feedbacks like this one but....

why do this? why start this flamewar?....he? you dont make núff love to your hand? turns you on?......he? does?....sad fVcker you are!

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