Prototype Comes Back from the Dead

Prototype was a hotly anticipated open-world action game that was originally supposed to release last year. After an impressive showing at GDC, Prototype continued to dazzle the media until one day it slipped to a 2009 release and then disappeared off the radar.

Not any more. Prototype is back, and before its big re-reveal at the CES in Vegas, they're going to give us a little teaser... tonight.

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Vault Boy3362d ago

Oh wow, I wondered what happened to this game.

Twizlex3362d ago

Me too. It looked great last year, so I always wondered what the delay was about.

Twizlex3362d ago

They delayed it because of the multiplayer? Or do you mean co-op? I didn't know there was any other kind of multiplayer for this game other than the co-op.

Cookigaki3362d ago

Some peoples lump co-op in with multiplayer because co-op is more than just one player. Cookigaki does not know if there is more than just co-op, but Cookigaki does know it was delayed because of multiplayer.

Vault Boy3362d ago

Well... uh, that wasn't really all that informative, Cookigaki.

Cookigaki3362d ago

Sure it was. Cookigaki knows single player was pretty much done but they were working on multiplayer stuff and adding polish. Knowing single player just had more time in oven even though it was already mostly done should make peoples feel better about the game and that it will be polished and not buggy like Mercs 2.

Cookigaki3362d ago

Yes, Cookigaki is a man of many snacks.

UnSelf3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

disappeared? this is in my top 5 most anticipated games of 09 when did it disappeared i always kept up wit it. Nice to have a new vid though, i seen all the rest.

1.God of War 3

(6-10 includes FFVXIII, WKC, and an announcement of Crackdown 2)

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Cajun Chicken3362d ago

I can't WAIT for this game.

Milk is for Babies3362d ago

Me too. I never thought it was DEAD, but it did disappear for a while. I've been looking forward to it ever since I read about it in Game Informer.

Twizlex3362d ago

How does Game Informer get all these exclusives? I mean, how does a magazine come out that has stuff in it that we haven't even seen on the internet yet? It's mind-boggling.

Cookigaki3362d ago

Because they are owned by GameStop and probably offer promotions of their games for the companies in return for exclusives. GameStop is the devil.

joydestroy3362d ago

i was personally impressed with the body snatching shown off in the videos! never seen that before, not how they did it anyway.

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InMyOpinion3362d ago

I'm surprised no one has mentioned INFamous yet ;)

Prototype looks cool but I'm not convinced yet.

Milk is for Babies3362d ago

What about it? I mean, what should people be mentioning about INFamous?

Cajun Chicken3362d ago

Hey, I'm getting both for certain. But Prototype has really piqued my interest.

Vault Boy3362d ago

I've never seen Infamous in action, but Prototype looked awesome when it was demoed, especially if they keep the co-op. Infamous sounds neat but I haven't seen it so I'm not convinced yet.

Cajun Chicken3362d ago

Both look great. Not all of Cole's powers have apparently been revealed yet.

Twizlex3362d ago

Wow, it's like the same game except with electricity powers. Man, too many games these days are just kind of, well, too similar. I blame Unreal Engine!

InMyOpinion3362d ago

In most Prototype threads I've read there's always been someone writing "INFamous > Prototype" or the other way around.

Both look good. IGN posted some nice gameplay videos of INFamous a while ago.

butterfinger3362d ago

allegedly a dev for Prototype said that the reason they had to go back to the drawing board was due to how impressive inFamous was. I'm not saying I agree or believe this to be true, but you may remember the article talking about it if you were an N4G member about 5-6 months ago (?). I would expect inFamous to be a bit better, though, since it's an exclusive (examples: Gears 2, MGS4, LBP, Fable II - these are generally considered the top-tiered games). I think it would be harder for Prototype to impress on both consoles, but that doesn't mean it isn't possible. Hopefully both titles will be great:)

Cajun Chicken3362d ago

Prototype is currently my favourite to focus on, because I love that idea of absorbing people and getting their abilities, that and wall running looks excellent. Also its virtually come out of nowhere in the last year.

joydestroy3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

yeah i think Prototype looks better than inFamous. depends on just how many abilities each game will grant the player honestly. inFamous, so far, deals only with electrical powers. Prototype seems a little more ruthless in that you can body snatch, jump helicopters, rip people apart, etc etc. just seems like there's more in Prototype versus inFamous. also, inFamous is single player only.

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The Captain3362d ago

This was just posted a few days ago:

Pretty sweet!

Cajun Chicken3362d ago

Thats nothing, theres the awesome 'leaked' footage from Prototype's website that time, supposedly what may be shown as CES.
So I'm not going to post it here, but I've posted it at least 3 times in threads in the last month.

I'm really hyped for this one. It just looks so chaotic and beautiful.

joydestroy3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

ahh c'mon, i wanna see it! lol

EDIT: @ the captain
that was pretty awesome. not sure how i missed that one. see, that just looks better than the newest inFamous clip that just came out. it just looks more bad ass. both will be good i think though.

Mc1873362d ago

I've been wanting to see something new

ultimolu3362d ago

...When was it dead? :o

The game looks cool so far.

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