Killzone 2 Coming on 6th February For Europe?

An unlikely rumour but a rumour all the same. Is this a type from Gamestop or the real EU release date?

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resistance1003510d ago

Since when as there been a GameStop in the UK?

Fishy Fingers3510d ago

"by a gamestope called E-Plaza (The Netherlands)."

EU. I'll cross my fingers but I'm doubtful.

resistance1003510d ago

@Fishy Fingers

Fair enough, i guess that summary is a bit misleading

Fishy Fingers3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

Ah yeah, I didnt see that, it's not taken from the users post. Hopefully this post gets changed by the contributor.

Endorphin3510d ago

Isn't that around the time the demo comes out... there might be a some confusion if not it would be nice for Euro peeps.

Johnny Cullen3510d ago

There are GameStops in the UK.

One in Birmingham I think.

But there are a whole chain of them in Ireland, North and South.

UnSelf3510d ago

Since when has Gamestop been right?

MaximusPrime3510d ago

never seen Gamestop in the UK.

only GAME and Gamestation

Ju3510d ago

The Netherlands != UK, BTW.

resistance1003510d ago

Err no. Holland (the neverlands) and the UK are to seperate countries.

How you can say they are the same is beyond me.


Gets down on my knees and start praying............ Plssssssss let this be true.

ReTarDedFisHy3510d ago

that GameStop is EB Games in PAL regions.

PirateThom3510d ago

It's not.

GameStop and Electronics Boutique are separate.

GAME is the biggest retailer over here, they bought out EB and rebranded them all GAME, then GameStop arrived on the scene.

EB, essentially, doesn't exist any more.

cereal_killa3510d ago


Is that just in the UK because in Canada we still have EBgames and I thought that was owned buy Gamestop?

Anyways I just pre-ordered this game (Finally went and got a PS3) and the guy @ EBgames told me that this game was going to be release on Feb 1st I know this is wrong and told him that allot of internet sites said Feb 27th he told me "I'm going with what my computer says".

cryymoar3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

that guy is an idiot. Gamestop (and EB also, i think they're owned by the same person) employees should know not to trust the date on the SKU as the release date because most of the time they are only either speculated dates, or shipping dates. It is only an official release date if it says "SD Day/Month."

resistance1003510d ago


How he he an idiot? In the UK EB got brought out by GAME Group PLC (about 7years ago) and all the EB stores became GAME stores. I suspect you think that we are talking about the US

staub913510d ago

I thought us Americans get everything first...jk

Europe always gets shafted I hope you guys get it first its only fair.

cryymoar3510d ago

I suspect he's talking about NA because he says "in canada we".
So if gamestop/eb games are the same in Canada as they are in the U.S. then what I stated is true.

resistance1003510d ago


I see whats happening here, my mistake

Cereal was refering to Pirate Tom and thats who i thought you were calling an idiot about his comment on EB in the UK since i only read the first part of Cereal's comment. When in actual fact your refering to the bloke in the second part of Cereals post.

have a bubble for my mistake

Ju3509d ago

Hey, sorry to ask, but are we that low here now that we don't know what "!=" means ? I'm just asking, because I feel the urge to explain this a little bit here.

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Chubear3510d ago

If not for them we likely won't have had Killzone II in this form that we see now. Their support of KZ1 made this possible. Gosh, scares me to think how NA editorial reviewers could have so easily robbed the gaming community of this master piece.

... I wonder how many other incredible games we could be gotten as sequels to first showings of some games that were dogged to hell by NA reviewers. Uhmmm..

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