CES 2009: World's first mobile with built-in projector

Stuff writes:

"As we've long been predicting here at Stuff Towers, 2009 will be the year of guerilla cinema. We've already been wowed by the Optoma Pico projector and now at CES 2009 we've seen the logical conclusion of airing all those hilarious mobile phone clips to a room full of people - the world's first integrated mobile and mini projector."

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360 man3508d ago

wrong this aint the wolrds first mobile projecter

Zeevious3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

I've seen a couple very impressive laser projectors, including Mitsubishi's CES demonstration.

These are supposed to be able to fit in a very tiny space with virtually no heat once perfected. (led laser technology)

I don't know if this is using lasers, but this looks like a good first step...cheaper than I expected to see it introduced as well.

Both good starts for a relatively new field of Pocket Projection.

You won't be a TRUE geek in 2009 without a Pocket Projector in your Pocket Protector!