Wii Fit reaches 3 millions in Japan

LiveWii : "Shigeru Miyamoto must surely enjoy his gaming vision. Why? His triptych on the Wii gets at the beginning of this year in unexpected Wii Fit, which now totalizes more than three millions units sold, 3,039,233 to be precise.

And at a time when serious studies tend to demonstrate the effectiveness of such a product, the home bodytrainer joins Wii Sports, another game out of the iconoclastic imagination Miyamoto, a man who has been nominated in a ranking of the most influential people in the world by Time Magazine.

Nevertheless, just admit that it is unusual to see that kind of 'game' dedicated to taking care of his body and especially to lose weight is now in the heavyweight category."

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How can a game soooooooooooooooo crappy, sell more copies than MGS4 and other great games?