UK PSP game sales collapsed in 2008

It will likely be looked back on as the golden peak year of this console cycle - during 2008 sales of consoles, games and peripherals grew strongly in the UK. The total value of all three sectors was just over £4 billion, up a massive 23 percent year-on-year.

Of course, it makes sense if you think about the boom sales of consoles such as Wii, price cuts to Xbox 360 and Sony starting to build its marketing momentum for PlayStation 3.

Things weren't so rosy for PSP however, which performed only just a little bit better than the fast collapsing PC games market.

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Cajun Chicken3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

There has been hardly any games for it!

Developers, please make PSP games, the machines brilliant, you can pull of a vision on one, its still young...or do you fancy continuing to make touch sensitive trivia N64/Snes games?

More than RPGs, mingames and interactive quizes this year, puuuuhlease.

R_19933421d ago

people who love their custom firmware.

Cajun Chicken3421d ago

Yeah, well, theres that too. Saying that, Its been was a harsh year for PSP and games last year, compared to previous years, it had a dreadful library.
I don't really think CFW is affecting things that badly as its quite low profile, I'm probably easily mistaken though.

cliffbo3421d ago

no third party support? oh well, i guess i'll be playing the three RPGs from SE and the three RPGs coming from Level-5 on my own. RR is probably going to get a play or two

Cajun Chicken3421d ago

Good for you, but I was expecting the PSP to be brim of Action Adventures/Platformers/Puzzler s and nothings really come out like the in the last year.
Y'know, something that tests out the hardware for all its worth...that I can play.

Homicide3421d ago

Getting 4-5 good original games a year doesn't count as support. The PSP is an impressive handheld, but the support and library are weak.

Cajun Chicken3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

That's exactly what I mean. It needs to be like in 2007 again when the PSP was chock full of games and all types.

I really don't like seeing this happen to the PSP but as for recent games, the PSP is very limited.

mint royale3421d ago

Wow thats quite a lead seeing as both consoles are easily hackable. Is it fair to compare the nintendo ds to your psp now sony? Man I hope sony never become the arrogant beast they became in 2005/6 ever again.

Sangria3421d ago

In my opinion, the main problems of the PSP are:
- the lack of second stick and lack of innovation;
- Sony made it a multimedia platform, not a console exclusively;
- the fact that the PSP is way too much easy to hack;

PSP sells more memory sticks than games, and it's not family-attractive. I own two PSP (one fat, one japanese Crisis Core limited edition) and own a bit more than 20 games, but i don't play with it much. After having finished God Of War and Crisis Core, there's not much to do.

I hope Sony will bring a new portable console that totally differs from the PSP without having to copy the DS and not being so much easy to hack. Or at least, i hope Sony are thinking about its successor.

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The story is too old to be commented.