Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. - New trailer

Ubisoft published an amazing new Tom Clancy's HAWX trailer. Enjoy.

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Heaven_Or_Hell3511d ago

I played it months ago in Ubisoft Montreuil Offices (in France, near Paris). That was awesome but somewhat difficult (in a good way).

matt19913511d ago

looks awsome def first day buy for me

Graphics Whore3511d ago

What the hell? So much for realism. Look's interesting though who doesn't love Jets.

wibble3511d ago

Do people enjoy trailers?.

I don't mind if they give a peak of the graphics. But if it's CGI then I can't help but wonder "What's the freaking point?"

Some guy spent a week of his life making that trailer and it was as informative and as entertaining as a fart from my ass.