Gundam Senjou no Kizuna PSP Port Gets Lost in Translation

The arcade Gundam game that costs about five dollars a play but really gives a great immersion factor is being made portable for the PSP in Japan on March 26th. With really no way to redo the cockpit design or control scheme for a portable device, the game takes a big hit.

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Twizlex3335d ago

I'm assuming this is Japan only?

Cookigaki3335d ago

Of course it is, just look at the name.

Milk is for Babies3335d ago

Well, I've never seen that arcade machine before, even at the Japanese arcade in town.

Vault Boy3335d ago

Whoa, that looks pretty awesome. The arcade version, at least. How will that work on a PSP?

Twizlex3335d ago

Answer: it'll be just like every other action game on PSP.

Darkseider3335d ago

How bad the game translates to the PSP it has the word "GUNDAM" in it. Hell it could be poop in a box the shape of a Gundam and it would sell like mad in Japan. Folks have an unhealthy fascination with big robots over there in the land of the rising sun.

Cookigaki3335d ago

It's true. Japanese love giant robots and upskirts.

BLuKhaos3335d ago

Man what I would do to have one of those machines.

sinncross3334d ago

I'm a bit confused... i heard this was coming March, but is the sequel to Gundam vs Gundam also coming March To Japan?