Analyze That: Nintendo Wii Sells Better than the PlayStation 2 Did

The Nintendo Wii, the clear front runner of the current generation of consoles, is preparing to beat the numbers the PlayStation 2, the biggest last gen console, was posting back in 2002, two years after its release by Sony. This shows that despite the less than stellar performance of the Xbox 360 from Microsoft and the PlayStation 3 from Sony, the home gaming console market is still going strong and selling well.

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Genesis53451d ago

This story has been sitting here for over an hour and nobody seems to care. Not a whole lot of real gamers going crazy over the Wii.

Kleptic3451d ago

well...its like an article saying 'Ugg boots sell better than the PS2'...great...who cares?...the Wii isn't anything I am interested in...and can ride this tickle-me-elmo wave as long as it wants...having 95% crap games in its library forever...and I wouldn't give a shat about the thing no matter...

Now if the Wii would start getting must have games...must have games that don't have something to do with Mario or Zelda, as I grew tired of those franchises as a child...then I would be interested...and happy that the thing was doing so well...but I agree with most people that have enjoyed gaming before this generation...the Wii is simply a joke toy that gets WAY too much attention...

kunit22c3451d ago

Well Kleptic you are a Fanboy for the 360 or ps3 but you arnt a gamer if you think some of the titles the wii has now and including its 2009 lineup and its VC and wiiware lineup you couldnt be a gamer if you find none of the MANY games comming to Wii must haves.Fail.

zethos563451d ago

I thought the PS2 had problems when it came out. Besides, isn't the Wii supposed to be the fastest selling console of all time?

Th3 Chr0nic3451d ago

it had overheating issues...but so did the 360....

and fastest selling is not a sign of quality in this case..its a sign on the public at ;arge buying into fads and gimmicks and ppl that beleive the next must have item is really a must have item example: iphone owners and ppl that are obsessed with the next pos apple craps out of their ass. now thats the real reason why steve jobs sis so skinny now hes been crapping colored ipods for 6 months

Kleptic3451d ago

I would put money on about 75% of the ~40 million Wii's sold worlwide haven't even been turned on for at least a month...I have seen more wii's tossed in a closet over this holiday season (at random friend's and family members homes) to the point where even I was surprised...I mean, I am pretty aware of how fast the novelty of remote wiggling wears off...but bought the stupid thing; at least leave it hooked up...

thebudgetgamer3451d ago

if it will have longevity and is still selling millions of consoles in 7 or 8 years like the ps2


Retro-Virus3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

The PS2 is still a better Video-Game system and that's all that matters.

The fact that the Wii's life time sales are sky rocketing nor if it makes a billion is not going to replace the PS2 as the greatest video-game system ever built.

Th3 Chr0nic3451d ago

think of it this way maybe the wii sold more but the wii will probably go down being the most sold console in history but the least used console. what i mean by that is the ps2 sold a lot and so did the wii...but the ps2 is still alive and kicking and ppl still play it a lot while the wii is sitting in 100000 living rooms collecting dust. the wii has been a success as a marketing campaign/money maker but when its all said and done it wasnt truly a success as a game console.

El_Colombiano3451d ago

Yes it it. I applaud Nintendo. Although, it just isn't as good a system as the PS2 was. Look at the exclusives, mainly third party ones as Nintendo makes awesome exclusives. Sure it will sell, but the game attatchment just isn't good enough for the millions of consoles out there.

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