Tenchu 4 - New gameplay trailer

Ubisoft published a new gameplay trailer from Tenchu 4. Enjoy.

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mastiffchild3426d ago

Yeah, along with Fatal Frame 4 this is in the early running of those titles missing from the Nintendo Wii lineup in recent times. It looks excellent(esp for the Wii)and, this year is far from the only one. I expect to use mine way more than last year but the same's true of my PS3(hope Yakuza 3 makes it to Europe too)so I'm gonna be mighty busy!
IDK why people hate the Wii so much. at the very least it's a change from the games/gameplay on PS360.

Supercalifragili3426d ago

Yup, this time I liked what I saw. Seems cool.

freeman293426d ago

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OMG, We cant have an opinion????????????????????

BrotherNick3426d ago

Remember your opinion has to be related to the game, not the system in particular. If you talk about the game then the wii that's allowed I think.

freeman293426d ago

This game looks real bad on Nintendo Wii.

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