Ubisoft announces Grey's Anatomy video game

LONDON, UK – January 7, 2009 – Today Ubisoft announced that it has signed a licensing agreement with ABC Studios to develop a video game based on the acclaimed television drama series "Grey's Anatomy." Designed for the Wii, the Nintendo DS and PC Grey's Anatomy: The Video Game is scheduled for release early 2009.

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Darkseider3424d ago

The apocalypse has begun.

Cajun Chicken3424d ago

They're concentrating on THIS instead of a Heroes game? What the HECK is wrong with Ubisofts choices of licenced IPs?

Raoh3424d ago

the way they butchered and put a half azz attempt into Lost Via Domus i'm glad they are not making a Heroes games.

Cwalat3424d ago

can someone repeat after me:


Danja3424d ago

this has flop written all over it...they should just make it a DS would probably do ok numbers

lociefer3424d ago

thats what u get for having a so called *casual* crowd

locos853424d ago

Would this actually be considered a FLOP if no one is looking forward to it??? Flop only counts if it is a game that fails to meet expectations. I doubt this game has any at all. It will meet expectations.

SaiyanFury3424d ago

*rolls eyes*

Oh great, another example of an entertainment medium that's getting less and less attention from the public because of lack of interest in their boring and crappy shows. So they try to make a game based on another boring show. Like movie license games, these never turn out well and they still never bring anymore attention back to the shows they're based on.

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Sheddi3424d ago

The first thing i thought was "FAIL".

tda-danny3424d ago

My wife is a huge fan of this show, and owns a ds. I told her about about it jokingly and she replied, "Oh christ, that will be bad".

Even people who dont know anything about video games & love the source material know this wont be good...

ultimolu3424d ago


This can't be good.

lonestarmt3424d ago

well lost the video game had small redeeming quality, but lost I assume is a popular show for gamers. This show? I mean what the hell? bad idea all the way around.

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The story is too old to be commented.