Wii Developer: Hardcore Games Need to Sell or 'It's Back to Mini-Games'

Shacknews: "Those lamenting the lack of hardcore-focused Wii games need to "vote with their dollars" when Deadly Creatures is released in February, otherwise, Rainbow Studios designer Jordan Itkowitz says that "it's back to mini-games" for the developer."

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Chris3993507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )

And please don't cite Supermario anything or Animal Crossing as "hardcore". A game doesn't need blood and bewbs and swear-words to be "hardcore" or "mature". It does however, have to cater to mature sensibilities, have interesting thematic elements, humor or questions. Some of the Pixar films are representative of this; made for kids, but still enjoyed by adult tastes. A plumber saving a princess for what, the 10th time now, isn't inventive or hardcore, just derivative.

Fragile looked interesting, till I saw the combat engine, basically you and a flashlight; inventive or utterly lame - you decide.

If you hardcore gamers don't think that Ninty doesn't give a crap about you by now, go play some more Animal Crossing Wii; you're a lost cause anyhow. Take a look at where the focus for the Wii is (casual), and where it's going (even more casual/ lifestyle: ala Wii Fit) and just enjoy it or move to another system. Sure there will always be those gems, Okami and Fire-Emblem and such, but they are the EXCEPTION, not the RULE.

On a sidenote, I'm seriously interested in seeing the next Zelda, though I have a sinking feeling it will be casual focused. Again, that's not a bad thing, just not my particular taste.


Smacktard3507d ago

Brawl is a pretty hardcore game, and it smashed sales records.

I only buy games that are good. I'll see how reviews of Deadly Creatures turn out, what people think of it, and if gets mediocre fanfare, I may rent it to see whether or not it's worth it.

If people want good games to continue being made, then they should buy games like de Blob.

Chris3993507d ago

Another issue that keeps rearing it's head on Nintendo's systems. But yeah, Brawl is a fun game that can be enjoyed across the generations. The story aspect is lacking at best though, it's the game-play that is it's saving grace.

Danja3507d ago

No More Heroes 2 i still coming XD]

I want another Zack & Wiki....

mpmaley3507d ago

I'd like another Z&W too, but I'm not holding my breath.

@ 1.2: I agree on the Nintendo first party comment. If it's made by Nintendo, it will sell.

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Graphics Whore3507d ago

I can't wait for MadWorld it looks like it's going to deliver.

mpmaley3507d ago

The problem Nintendo has is their new audience. I work Target - electronics and parents will from my experience 90% of the time rather buy 4 $10 games than 1 $40 or 1 $50 game. So they'd rather buy 4 shovelware pieces of garbage than buy Super Smash Bros. Brawl or Galaxy etc.

Again this is from my personal experience and I'm not saying it's every Wii game buyer out there but I think this is a significant portion. "Hardcore" games will keep getting price @ $40/$50 @ launch thus snubbed by a large portion of Wii game buyers.

GWAVE3507d ago

History has shown that the so-called "Hardcore Nintendo fanbase" on the Wii would rather complain and complain about a lack of hardcore games all while ignoring several games staring them in the face.

They complain about a lack of FPS games yet they ignore Metroid Prime 3. Heck, they complain about a lack of online FPS games yet they ignore the 32-player Medal of Honor: Heroes 2.

They complain about "mature" games with blood and gore yet they ignore Manhunt 2 and No More Heroes.

They'll even complain about their own core franchises such as Twilight Princess, Mario Kart Wii, and Super Mario Galaxy.

In other words, the "Hardcore Nintendo fanbase" is full of hypocritical crybabies.

N4g_null3506d ago

You should finish your post with......

that own other systems.
"In other words, the "Hardcore Nintendo fanbase" is full of hypocritical crybabies + that own other systems. These are same same 20 million that fail to buy the must have HD hardcore games, so only 1-2 million of these gamers agree on what is good.

Hardcore gamers are mostly talk right now... or better yet gossiping about games rather playing them or tell people about cool stuff that happened in a game.

bym051d3507d ago

A lot of the hardcore players have moved on. I had a Wii almost a year before PS3 or 360. The lack of good, hardcore games is what led me to PS3 and 360.

I now haven't bought a Wii game since Super Paper Mario. I buy a WiiWare title every now and then, but that's it.

I've had my 360 for just over a year and have over 20 games for it.

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