Why Do So Many Console Games Fail Miserably?

Bad Ass Gamer writes:
"There have been many games released 2008, some of them huge successes and others downright flops, so what makes a game fail and why? Find out my reasons why as you read on."

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GWAVE3476d ago

[In regards to Resistance 2] "For a game that its first in the series sold a good 3.5 million copies it isn't logical for it to sell a good 2 million copies less on second go."

Just one example of this gentleman's logic. He argues that Resistance 2 is a flop because it sold less than its predecessor which has been out since the PS3's launch...oh Lord.

bmatthews3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

But considering that Gears of War 2 hit 4.21 in more or less the same time - I guess your logic fails... sry to say this but Sony have NO excuse for their game to NOT sell anywhere as well as Gears 2 did for the Xbox 360. As much as I LOVE the PS3 I've got to face the facts and so should you.