Bargain Bin: Best of the 360 Edition

Since many of you deal hunters have recently taken the plunge on the recently price-dropped Xbox 360, allow TGR to pontificate about two of the finest games you're likely to play on that (or any other) system these days, and on the cheap to boot!

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italianbreadman3423d ago

I really need to get myself a copy of Crackdown. And probably play Mass Effect again.

cain1413423d ago

Crackdown was great. You bought it for the beta and then you realized it was a decent game all by itself.

ThePimpOfSound3423d ago

Meh. Don't care about Crackdown, really. But I bought Mass Effect after beating it during a Gamefly rental for just such an occasion. Maybe this year.

SirLarr3423d ago

Wow there's no reason not to play Mass Effect at that price.

cain1413423d ago

Mass Effect was amazing!