Readers Spew Venom After 1UP Sale to UGO

Words like "venting," "unacceptable" and "sellout" were used from 1UP readers expressing their outrage over reported layoffs of over 30 employees from the 1UP network, sending critical comments on the blog of Sam Kennedy, the 1UP Site and Editorial Director.

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Viewtiful3507d ago

This really is just such a shame. I don't blame the community at all for being upset. That said, they really should understand that Sam Kennedy is one of the few people left there and he can't risk his job with the new owners by being overly candid.

resistance1003507d ago

They are upset and all, but at least this deal means there will still be a

cain1413507d ago

Yeah it's part of buisness. Still sad to see so many people out of work.

Vojkan3507d ago

As Jeff Green wrote on his blog in replay to Sam about 1UP still being same 1UP, or just 1UP.
""We’re still the same 1UP, and we’ll still be producing the same content...we always have"

Well, no, you're not, and no, you won't. You're not the same 1UP because you just lost a gigantic chunk of what made 1up 1up. It may go on, it may in fact produce great things, but it won't be the same. All that a company ever is is a mix of specific personalities. That's all it is. Period. When you remove people, it may go on, but it's never "the same." Saying it's the same is a disservice to all the people who just got canned. And, no, you won't be "producing the same content" because those responsible for some of the most popular and distinctive content--the 1up Show, the podcasts--no longer work there anymore. So, again, you can't say it's "the same". It's not. (And since everyone on the Copy Desk got canned, too, it won't be as well-edited, either.) Better to just acknowledge that, since we all know it anyway."

MmaFanQc3507d ago

no 1up shows=the site will die.


Vojkan3507d ago

Worst part of this all is that fans (like me) get attached to show/podcast and crew, so it really bums you donw emotionally when there is no more of something you followed for years. Just like that, over night it was over.

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James Abels3507d ago

They are all smart people they will be back into work quickly I'm sure

iTZKooPA3507d ago

Yea but 1UP won't be the same, and I think that is the community's point.

Just seems like they fired the long-time employees so they can hire some new people for cheap.

morganfell3507d ago

The chickens have come home to roost. 1up didn't go under because it was this great bastion of game reporting and insight.

TheDevilDesperado3507d ago

They are not smart people, they are paid message board Xbots, and they deserve all the pain, humiliation and suffering they will now endure, homeless and jobless in a financial crisis.


tonsoffun3507d ago

You guys are unreal, such a childish and immature way to act at the loss of so many jobs, purely because their opinion did not fit with your sony tinted view of the world.

Newsflash, 1UP wasn't biased, YOU were.

Utter fools, the both of you...

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Graphics Whore3507d ago

They'll find jobs quickly don't even worry about this. Anyway, maybe it will force them to reevaluate how they conduct themselves and their journalism. 1UP has a stigmatism associated with their editors all in all this is probably for the best.

micro_invader3507d ago

So why was 1up sold, was it because of financial issues or were they just not good enough?

Rico_Suavez3507d ago

It was due to the fact that the company itself (Ziff Davis) was in a financial crisis. Some cuts had to be made to save the company..

Graphics Whore3507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )

Their parent company Hearst teamed up with UGO but the real reason is financial crisis, 1UP's direct has had serious money issues on top of EGM dying.

Tykis3507d ago

1UP will never be the same again...

Rico_Suavez3507d ago

It will only get better....

The BS Police3507d ago

1up was never the same after Luke Smith left.

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