From the Garage: Johnny Platform's Biscuit Romp

Welcome to From the Garage, TGR's weekly feature spotlighting Xbox Live Community Games and independent development. Given the enormous amount of content that is hitting the marketplace, TGR will keep you clear of the garbage and point you in the direction of treasure. This week, TGR features Johnny Platform's Biscuit Romp.

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ThePimpOfSound3421d ago

I should be trying more of these community games. Plus I've got an extra 200 points kicking around thanks to Microsoft's stupid "You have to buy exactly $2.50 more in points than you actually need for the game you want" system.

cain1413421d ago

Sounds like one that might actually be worth looking at.

SirLarr3421d ago

Platformers are so cool they rarely need to do anything new. Just have tight controls and flowing levels, and it's awesome.

burgercomic253420d ago

These creators trying to revive classic gaming is refreshing to see.