PS3 Attitude Presents: Games of 2009 - Part III

PS3 Attitude returns with the third of its four part feature where we attempt to document every PS3 game that should see a release in 2009.

The total list is 179 titles strong. Note: It is possible we've missed a few while others, though not officially canned (to the best of our knowledge), will most likely get cancelled somewhere along the way.

Our latest batch takes us from 'L' all the way through to 'S' featuring games like the promising M.A.G., the charming Noby Noby Boy and the big-hitting Resident Evil 5.

Each title gets tagged with a publisher (where known), a developer, a release date and a short synopsis. We've also tagged each and every single title (new for Part III) with the source of where we are getting our information from. The vast majority is from press releases but, where we've gleaned information from other sources like IGN, Gamespot or actual official sites for the games in question, we've linked accordingly.

Be sure to check out Part I:

And Part II:

The final part will be released this week.

Once again, questioning the validity of a title on the list is welcomed but please remember we can only comment a number of times to this N4G submission so also comment on the actual article on PS3 Attitde if you want to spark a debate with the author. If you feel there are any erroneous details contained in the list feel free to mention it but please remember: mistakes happen and we're happy to correct the list if you have any updated information.


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Cajun Chicken3424d ago

Postal 3 for PS3, forgot about that. :D

Might have to import that one judging how the UK take violence in games too seriously.

interrergator3424d ago

thats alot of games theyre def rollin this year