Ask Cryptic - January 6, 2009

Cryptic Studios writes, " Will there be power collision? As in if two "beam" powers collide will there be some kind of effect? One overpowers the other, or there is some kind of struggle? (TruthSeer)

While the idea of players being able to intercept enemy powers with their own powers is founded in some great comic book examples, we simply don't have the kind of technology available to have powers clash. If we were able to harness that kind of power on our PCs, it would equate to dividing by zero and the earth imploding.

Will the Arch Villain creation system be as in depth as the Hero creation system, making it twice as long (and twice as fun)? (jhonderbler)

The Nemesis system has several elements in common with the way a hero is created, but it also has some key differences. You use the same costume creation system, which allows you to have a very defined and specific look for your nemesis. We found with CoV that players often want their bad guys to look good and their good guys to look bad. Powers are selected from a wide variety of established power templates to allow us to create arch-enemies with the best balance possible. You then get to choose a lot of things that are specifically designed for your Nemesis, such as personality, motivation, and minion types /costumes / powers..."

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