GTA IV Online Popularity Falling

Rockstar's mega hit Grand Theft Auto IV has been on a long roller coaster over the last 8 months since its release. At least in terms of its Xbox Live Activity Ranking.

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matthewsvaughan3510d ago

I think it is an alright news post, but it is basically giving stats about the game, which in turn may be what some people would like to read about. But as far as being important news I don't think this article falls in this category.

Mr_Bun3510d ago

When a game as popular as this one is, starts losing momentum, it is important news. Especially with DLC coming around the corner. This could make things worse for T2 and M$


I hated he multi player in GTA4.The wepons varity was so little and lame.GTA4 just sucks a$$ simple as that.

Danja3510d ago

The Multi-player was the saving grace for GTA4..for me atleast...

.I still play it occasionally just to race once in awhile..but lets hope they get it right with GTA5...

italianbreadman3510d ago

Damn, multiplayer was just about the most fun part of GTA IV, and I still haven't spent a ton of time with it.

ThePimpOfSound3510d ago

I actually haven't touched the multiplayer. So maybe the stats will go up once I finally get around to it!

cain1413510d ago

I've never really played the multiplayer very deeply either. I'm not a huge fan of it.

PotNoodle3510d ago

Was really well done, but i can't enjoy it unless i'm playing with friends.

I remember playing with around 5 friends, we all got in helicopters and dominated in free roam.

bloop3510d ago

Yeah, I hated the MP at first, but after a while I really got into it. It's not the kind of game you can just jump online and start blowing people away from the off. You really have to get used to it. That's why I think it's not as popular as it could've been. Really must jump online with it again soon.

gambare3510d ago

Bu-bu-bu-bu-but teh 50 million$ DLC

GiantEnemyLobster3510d ago

Wait until the DLC comes out next month with new online multiplayer modes, on said to give even more freedom that 'free roam mode'. EXCLUSIVELY for Xbox 360.

gambare3510d ago

lol next month people will be playing other stuff and not GTA4.. oh wait... no one is playing GTA4 anymore

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The story is too old to be commented.