Lionhead "very close" to Fable II DLC release date and patch

A Lionhead spokesman has told that a release date for the delayed DLC, Knothole Island is "very close" and that applies to the patch, too.

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TheExecutive3510d ago

got a question for ya fable fans...

Are there a lot of good side quests? How long does it take to beat the game if you take your time with a lot of stuff?

js_mac3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

I wasn't particularly impressed with Fable 2 as a whole. The story is all right, I suppose. You can tell a lot of thought went into it, but the plot forks and attempts at invoking emotion in the player aren't pulled off very well, feeling a bit silly and clumsy. The whole thing feels a bit pretentious and over-enthusiastic... like Peter Molyneux. The sidequests, which you asked about, aren't particularly good in my opinion - they're mostly repetitve and become boring quickly. Being as such, I stopped playing after running through a few, so I couldn't say how long they take.
As regards the DLC: I hate that they've already added the achievements for it (150GS, I believe) onto the main game, creating a gap that Lionhead/MS obviously reckons will entice people into buying it. They've got to earn their keep, I know, but that kind of patronising bullsh*t doesn't sit well with me.

rhood0223510d ago

There aren't as many side quests as a traditional RPG. Instead, you have various "jobs" you can do: woodcutter, blacksmith, bartender. There are also Assassination missions, slaving missions (freeing and capturing), and the Crucible (a battle gauntlet). Finally, there are your standard "search missions," i.e. finding the silver keys to unlock chests.

Tbh, each of these gets old pretty fast and can be done in a matter of 2 to 3 hours. The jobs, however, keep going after you beat the levels but it's just a means of getting money. Overall, the entire game (sidequests included) can be completed in 19-20 hours.

DragonWarrior465343510d ago

They are very close alright. To losing my respect if the dlc isn't worth a damn.

spunnups3510d ago

How about first releasing a patch where I can play the game without being forced to download to my already small 12gb harddrive. This is my 3rd copy of fable 2, and they all froze up 30 mins into game play without being downloaded to HD first.

Helghast Slayer3510d ago

No wonder why the attach rate of 360 exclusives sell unnaturally well. You people buy multiple copies of the same game lol. This just shows you that 360 owners jump on any exclusive because there isn't much around.

panasonic233510d ago

broken game wtf u talking about o well can't wait for the dlc

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The story is too old to be commented.