Sony: 'No announcements planned'

Yesterday's rumoured PS3-exclusive not a first-party title then?

The Dutch Official PlayStation Magazine sparked mass speculation yesterday when it claimed to feature a big new PS3-exclusive title in its next issue, but Sony has told CVG that's it's not a first-party title.

DOPM said in a teaser for its next issue that it was travelling to LA to see the game, offering the only hint as to which studio it might be.

Sony UK has, however, told CVG that the supposed revelation isn't anything to do with them, saying: "we don't have any announcements planned at the moment," suggesting it'll be a third-party title.

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Cajun Chicken3481d ago

They just have; nothing to announce planned at the moment.
'Planned' being the keyword.

marinelife93481d ago

I swear some sites...

If the game is being made in the US of course Sony UK wouldn't have anything to announce.

Beast_Master3481d ago

Leave the door open for Insomniac? They are technically not 1st party, and I can't think of any western developers that would do a PS3 exclusive. It is probably a PSN title or something small. I am guessing it will be small because why would a European Mag get the exclusive coverage?
Who knows this Mag could be revealing it to the European audiance and GameInformer or EGM could have the coverage for the US.

Cwalat3481d ago

marinelife -

i agree, what does UK department have to do with it?

If it's a game being developed in US, i suggest the US Department should kill the rumor, not UK.

Anyways.. i know something smells fishy and that perhaps this game wasn't meant to be announced just yet. But i gotta feeling it's not a regular FPS.. it's something bigger...

whoelse3481d ago

All they said was they have no announcements planned, well of course they weren't going to announce anything right now.

TheExecutive3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

I am sorry, did I miss something? If they are traveling to L.A they may want to contact Sony Computer Entertainment of AMERICA to get the news not Sony U.K....


I am miserably late to this party.

MasFlowKiller3481d ago

Maybe because they know that almost every third party exclusive they announce it doesn't become multiplatform

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resistance1003481d ago

Or that it isn't a SCEE game

Fishy Fingers3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Well that's pretty much what you'd expect them to say. Also, perhaps SCEE aren't fully in the loop here, maybe that's why the unvailing is in LA, because SCEA are handling it?

Either way, the mag said a few weeks, we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Freak of Nature3481d ago

Yup,that's my thoughts too,I agree....

Now just give me news on Team Ico's next game,something,anything on a Jak 4 game,and while we are at it,how about something on Beyond good & evil 2...

yoghurt3481d ago

Surely its a no brainer?

Traveling to LA to see it, surely it's not a SCEE thing? why would SCEE be announcing a SCEA game?

please, am I bring thick or is this article thick...

evilmonkey5013481d ago

they are currently working on G.O.W. I'm sorry, but the writer of this article has made an error. I am quite sure they are referring to a third or second party publisher.

SuperM3481d ago

Im sorry to say this but you are pretty much dead wrong. Incognito and Naughty Dog studios is pretty much next door to Sony Santa Monica. I think Incognito is even in the same building

And we dont know what incognito is doing, so a new game from them wouldnt be a surprise.

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The story is too old to be commented.