Monster Hunter G - New screenshots

Capcom published new screenshots from the Nintendo Wii version of Monster Hunter G. Check them out.

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kapedkrusader3263d ago

...because of the Wiimote, but man I wish I could've seen this game done on the PS3/360.

Dir_en_grey3263d ago

This is a remake... and looks like w/ no graphical improvements.
Which is pretty bad considering this is a "next gen" console, looks like PSP graphics.

ThanatosDMC3262d ago

I agree. Looks like there's nothing new on this Kokoto place.

locos853263d ago

Has this series been released in the US??

San anto3263d ago

Well in japan they released monster hunter freedom 2 G for psp.
This monster hunter G for the wii seems/ looks as good as a port of that.

Supercalifragili3263d ago

Unfortunately, the graphics are on par with the PS2 version.

Graphics Whore3263d ago

I'd really like to see an Xbox/PS3 version, there's real appeal there, Capcom is all over the place with their priorities however.

San anto3263d ago

yer was goin to be mh3 on ps3 capcom thought otherwise tho =/

kunit22c3262d ago

@ San Anto They were going to go with mh3 on Wii from the start what are you talking about? mh3 on ps3? nope they never were planning that. if your talking about that rumor about it goimg multi plat, the producer practicaly said that if you beleived that RUMOR your stupid.

paul-p19883262d ago

Actually, they had already started programming the PS3 version when they realised they were gonna run out of money (this was when they didnt know how to program for the PS3 and had a 20min install for DMC4) they ported the engine to the wii, downsized it and made this instead. It was always gonna be a PS3 exclusive, but they changed it half-way through.

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