The Most-Awaited Games Of 2009: PSP

With nearly a full year of of game releases ahead, Gamasutra is picking out noteworthy titles due in 2009 for each home and handheld platform. Looking at the PlayStation Portable's slate, they have previewed 15 standout titles, from Japanese RPGs like Phantasy Star Portable to quirky releases such as Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero?

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anubis123423d ago doomed

SublimingMass3423d ago

WOW lots of good looking titles
Ushiro looks really cool

LokMessier3423d ago

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite as well as Dissidia and I'd be set for the spring semester of the coming school year (At least for my PSP that is.)

anubis123423d ago

i did really like patapon though. The new resistance for psp looks good i just hope the controls are simple

Sangria3423d ago

Yes, if there is only one game i will buy on PSP in 2009, it will be Patapon 2 :3