Is it Time to Declare the Xbox 360 a Success?

"The last-generation Xbox was somewhat of a trial run for Microsoft, who sought to extend their reach from the home office into the living room. However the company's late entry into the console marketplace and the dominance of Sony hardware meant that the original Xbox finished in a distant second place with approximately 25 million units sold. To put those numbers in perspective, Sony has sold more than 100 million units of the popular Playstation 2. Microsoft would have to wait until the launch of the Xbox 360 to test the waters again with their video game hardware plans."

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die_fiend3302d ago

Yes, it's apparently got the highest attach rate ever and has edged away from Sony since's certainly given me some classic gaming yore

P4KY B3302d ago

MS have succeeded even though they shot themselves in the foot with the RROD issues.


DUH..... :/

Its only blind ps3 fan boys that will say the 360 is a flop just bcuz of its high fail rate.Even with the fail rate it is still selling strong so MS got something right this gen.

Capt CHAOS3302d ago

With the RROD stuff behind them, I'm sure they can look forward to a stronger 2009.

Saint Sony3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

Lets put it this way "PS3 would have died already with RROD". Xbox360 beats PS3 even with all the hardware issues.

I guess PS3 fanboys can never give up to the truth that MS and 360 has done amazingly well.

xwabbit3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

Y wouldn't it sell much ? it breaks more than the original xbox and its 200 bucks :/. Parents look for cheapest console on the market :/ and Saint your just a fan boy lol, i have seen a lot of your comments which clearly show u know nothing about whats going on between the 2 consoles. PS3 dead if it wasn't for RROD ? 4mil more units sold than the xbox 360 in 23 months. I guess those 4 mill where from xbox's base first ? ROFL NOT!, nt tho.... try to keep posting more comments cus i like laughing at fan boys

cliffbo3302d ago

how can it have edged away from Sony on release!? the PS3 released one year later and sold more in two years than the 360. and that doesn't take into account the 3 month delay in Europe (the biggest market).

Danja3302d ago

yes the I can admit the 360 is a success M$ has really stepped there game up this time around....but they also made some huge stepbacks to get there....:)

SL1M DADDY3302d ago

Only fanboys say that flame bait. Give that the 360 has sold 28 units since launch, that puts it at about 9.3 million units sold per year. It was released a year earlier than the PS3 and sits about 8 million units ahead. To me that just sounds like a logical lead for a console that was released a year in advance.

oohWii3302d ago

Funny thing, first you PS3 fans were saying that the 360 was dead, in europe and everywhere else and that the PS3 was going to overtake it in 2008, blah blah blah. Now here we are at the end of 2008 and the PS3 has gained zero ground.

Then to make yourself feel better you say it's a logical lead. The underdog holding off the "BIG BAD WOLF" with 100 million units sold in the previous generation is hardly a "Logical lead".

Dude you're (As always) in denial.

Powertesties3302d ago

Yes by all means. Just as Sony isn't a failure either. The 360 has done great with sales, with games and the services. They certainly do have a problem with the Red Ring issue but that will be fixed by the time the new generation of system is ready. By the way, MS replaced all the RROD issues. Even pays for the shipping!

It is exciting to think that this Generation will be over when MS says so and the next Generation will start when MS says!

That is exciting for all gamers.

I am sure Sony is aware of this as they are already working on the PS4. I am sure you all saw the article concerning Nvidia.

On a Side Note: I cant wait for the KILLZONE 2 Demo!

Gamingisfornerds3302d ago

I owned both a 360 and PS3, and even though I got the RROD twice (!), I sold my PS3 and kept the 360 (will probably getting a PS3 again this year though).

Why did I sell my PS3 and keep my 360? Simple...GAMES! I'm not short of money, so that's no reason to choose the 360 over the PS3 for me. The PS3 obviously has better hardware and features, but in the end it's the games that really make the difference. And, so far, the 360 games generally appeal more to me.

So yeah, the 360's doing pretty well all things considered.

Homicide3302d ago

Let's see, they got a lot of 3rd party support, acquired a lot of huge PS exclusives, impressive sales, the gap is widening, etc. Yeah 360 is a success, and the PS3 isn't.

gaffyh3302d ago

LMAO @ Saint Sony - always trying to justify RROD, I hope you get RROD repeatedly cos you're such a blind fanboy, you deserve it.

On topic - When was the 360 NOT a success? I don't understand, people have been bashing PS3 before it was even released, and continue to say it is failing blah blah blah, even with 20 million sales at a premium price point, with 360 having a year head start, "no games" at launch and still costs twice as much as the main competitor.

Not ONCE has anyone said 360 is a failure (obviously not talking about RROD here), Xbox 1 was a failure not because of the low sales, but because MS gave up on it and it's fanbase in 3 years, and even then 25 million units is only a failure when you compare it to phenomenal PS2 sales. You sell 25 million of ANYTHING and YOU ARE successful.

eagle213302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

It's hilarious to hear "fanboys" call others "fanboys" for reminding you that the RROD kills 360's. Just deal.

Anyway, ps2 is 140+ million sold and still the most played console in America. Microsoft may have their own measure of success, which is fine by me, but it's not on Nintendo or Sony terms.

Is the 360 better than xbox 1? Is the game division at MS still billions in debt? Is overall marketshare for MS still THIRD behind Nintendo and Sony? Yes, to all those questions.

Is that success?

mint royale3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

'Is the 360 better than xbox 1? Is the game division at MS still billions in debt? Is overall marketshare for MS still THIRD behind Nintendo and Sony? Yes, to all those questions.'

Is the 360 better?
Well thats opinion of course and I'm glad to see you agree! All I can say is the 360 has sold more so more consumers have seen the value in the 360 than the first xbox.

Is the game division at MS still billions in debt?
Yes it is. MS has lost alot since they entered teh industry but they posted their first profit last year. However have you actually considered sony's game division? Since 2000 they have lost money - thats right the ps2 profits have gone and have been eaten up by the ps3.

Is overall marketshare for MS still THIRD behind Nintendo and Sony?
What do you mean by marketshare here? Are you just including this generation? Then no MS is in second and sony third. Or are you including the handhelds in which case the split would be Nintendo 60%, Sony 25% and MS 15%. In that case then your right MS is in 3rd in terms of marketshare. OR are you including the ps2 still? If so how the hell is it a failure that MS are in 3rd then as they would have had to have sold 120 million xbox 360's to counter the ps2 in just 3 years?

I think logic is lost abit on you there.

Edit: why have you not included the gamecube or the xbox? The only thing your figures have shown me is that next generation Microsoft and Sony are going to struggle to compete with nintendo as the wii's final numbers will mean they will dominate marketshare for the next 10 years. When/if the wii hits 200 million sold I don't think either company will like talking about marketshare comparisions.

Also eagle, the article is asking whether the 360 is a success yes? Well i'm pretty sure their marketshare has increased since 2005 so that would make it a success yes? Japan is tough for MS but Europe is where they are seeing their best growth rates. It just happens Nintendo are seeing the biggest growth rates known to man.

eagle213302d ago

NPD reported MS with 12% overall marketshare (this means any hardware or software currently on sale in the videogame market). Sony at 36% and Nintendo 52%. Heck yeah, ps2 is included.

Now in EU or JP, Microsoft is even smaller. Sony is aware of this, they will get profitable, drop price of PS3, PSP, and ps2 and grow their share even more.

Dread3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

it seems to be a success so far, but it depends on whether it is actually making any money for MS.

i think it is at the present, but i am not sure.

to all the sony fanboys kudos for a least offering fair remarks about the 360s success.

With the success of the 360, we as gamers will benefit greatly. At least Sony will have to step it up in order to compete with nintendo and ms. (and by the way it seems to be working look at how 2009 is looking for sony.)

i hope that at the end of this generation the market levels up. that way we all win, and perhaps we can stop this stupid "console war" which is, frankly, making us, videogame fans, look like immature brats.

prowiew3302d ago

Yes. From the time the 360 passed the original xbox in sales. At least for them (microsoft).

MNicholas3302d ago

It still only appeals to the "hard-core" gamers.

Between a $399 PS3 and $299 Xbox360, more consumers chose the PS3.

Between a $249 Wii and $199 Xbox360, more consumers chose the Wii.

As for attach rate, it's worth remembering that the original Xbox had a much better attach rate than the PS2. Yet the Xbox was a dismal failure. This was because the original Xbox only appealed to a limited market segment, one that is defined by a high attach rate. That the 360's attach rate is also high is ample evidence that the Xbox brand has struggled to expand it's appeal beyond that small "hard-core" segment of the market.

Microsoft knows this and responded to 2 years of being dead last in sales (it was steadily outsold by both PS3 and Wii since both of those consoles were released) by dramatically slashing prices to be the first of the next gen consoles to hit the magic $199 price point, completely redesigned the user interface, and unapologetically copied the Mii concept.

Yet the 360 is a long way from regaining sales leadership that it only enjoyed while being the only next gen console on the market. In fact, it's still falling further and further behind the Wii. With the PS3 anticipating price-cuts in 2009, the 360 might, once again, be back in the same spot it was for nearly 2 years ... dead last.

gaminoz3302d ago

I second this opinion;

"MS have succeeded even though they shot themselves in the foot with the RROD issues. "

There is no doubt that the 360 has been a success and I believe will continue to be so until the next gen. Sony is struggling to get to the 'definitely a success' level but it is a great machine and in the coming year and with a price cut will probably also fall into the definitely a success category.

You can have 3 success stories that are different. Next gen will be interesting if Apple join it too...

Saigon3302d ago

how can we claim MS a success...Sony has yet to release their numbers yet...the speculation of a 8 mil lead is false until sony submits their numbers to the press...

So...this article is BS and anyone saying the 8mil lead is a lot is also eatting ***...until Sony releases its numbers...from all we know the numbers might decrease and only be a 4 mil lead...

Also dont forget the real numbers wont come until the end of the fiscal year...

Another thing...why has MS not released the official Finicial statment...

sloth4urluv3302d ago

So the 360s measure success is based off of the PS3?
I believe the 360 would be a success even if it was outsold by the PS3.

The 360 is successful because of the ground it has taken copmared to the original xbox. The 360 has had many strong exclusives, and many sony exclusives are now multiplats.

In the same sense this is why the PS3 is viewed as a dissapointment to many (not saying its a bad console). In the previous gen the PS2 dominated the market and the exclusives, now the 360 and PS3 are about neck and neck. Its just hard to follow up to such a successful consoles success.

The PS2's winning formula was
cheapest + widest variety of games + exclusives = win
(sounds somewhat familiar to the wii)

pain777pas3302d ago

MS has done pretty good considering its last console but this gen its still second and never has been #1. Sony and Nintendo have been #1 more than once and the PS3 really isn't that far behind and the WII is way ahead so they have done better than I thought they would but in honesty haven't done amazingly well they are not even at 50million world wide. With Sony were talking 100million+ so lets not get ahead of ourselves here and in honesty this gen they are still second by a console inferior and came out after they did so........ you guys debate.


this race is far from over.

RemmM3302d ago

But it only passed the original X Box by 3 million. Not impressive at all. This is NEXT generation, it should've been a HUGE difference. Personally, I think the PS2 is still the king of consoles. I don't think there will ever be a console that will beat it's total sale.

The Killer3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

MS can only dream to have sold 28 million so far, they r more like at 24 million and the other 4 million is at store houses and shops ready for someone to buy them, because if anybody count 28 million as sold then there will be 0 console at the shop's shelves.

xbox and 360 after their 3 years of existence is still at the same numbers, xbox sold 25 million in 3 years and 360 sold 24-25 million in 3 years!!

Rampant3302d ago

He's one of the blindest sony fanboys on n4g. Hell, he even got voted fanboy of the forever by an impartial gaming site.

mint royale3302d ago

it would help if you knew what you were talking about before you type. You are right that these are shipped figures but 4 million in shops?!?! At any given time a company will have between 500,000 and 1 million units in the channel, on shop shelves and no more (unless your the wii in which case there may be less as its closer to selling out). From that MS have sold at least 27 million to consumers.

It is the smae with sony. They provide shipped figures too so when they release their figures in a few weeks then take 500,000 to 1 million off to get the sold to consumers figure.

Milky3302d ago

Is it time to declare the PS3 as a success? Many would argue no simply because it has not overtaken its predecessor's sales. However, I would argue yes because it has delivered in terms of games and has pushed blu-ray into peoples living rooms. It completely depends.

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clinker3302d ago

The Gamecube only sold 21 million worldwide in its entire life. So yes, I think the Xbox 360 is a pretty big success.

Anon19743302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

The Gamecube made money. Nintendo posted a profit every single year the Gamecube was out. So far between the Xbox and the 360, Microsoft has only one profitable fiscal year under their belt for the games division. And that's the problem. How can you consider a console a success when the company may never see a dime. 360 sales were down in the US last year 7% before the price cut, and after the price cut they just managed positive growth of 7%. By comparison the PS3 and Wii showed 40% and 60% growth respectively.

Making $400 million a year from their games division, MS doesn't look like they'll even break even on 360 due to their management and quality control issues. A 3 billion dollar loss is a lot of ground to make up when you consider 2 billion of that wasn't planned for. Hell, if you take away the $650-700 million in XBL subscriptions MS brings in the games divison would still be losing money.

Even when you look at the 360's sales thus far it fails to inspire. It's first 2 years it only sold 13 million worldwide, and while they're still selling consoles sales growth has dramatically slowed. The PS3 smashed through that number with over 17 million in two years and is still showing impressive growth.

Developers are openly complaining about the constraints of the 360 hardware and having to "dumb down" games. Developers again have been saying they make more money in total off the PS3 than the 360, despite game sales that would seem to indicate otherwise. Neilson ratings show more people play the PS2 and the Wii than the 360, despite the 360 having been on the market for 3 years and even now...worries and stories of RROD problems abound.

Sure the 360 has made inroads, but at what cost? How long can Microsoft justify a games division that refuses to make money longterm? How long till the shareholders and even MS's own board start demanding a new direction while watching Nintendo print money? Even Sony has proved time and time again they can make money over the long haul despite initial startup costs. Microsoft games has yet to prove that to their shareholders. If they can't do it in 2 gens, what makes them think they could do it with a 3rd?

Powertesties3302d ago

I just wonder how things are going to get better with Sony. I mean I love em, I love my PS3 but it is a bit worrisome. Look at it like this, the 360 was launched a great deal of time ahead of the PS3. It has sold a ton of systems and currently outsells the PS3.

When MS begins the next Generation, what on earth is Sony going to do? How are they going to be able to combat this hold that MS has taken?

I would love to hear some thoughts as I can see the same thing happening again and again.

mint royale3302d ago

I think only Microsoft will know whether the xbox venture was a worthwhile one. From a consumer viewpoint we see increasing sales but from an economic viewpoint the financial losses are huge. However I do think that Microsoft's aim is to stop sony's growth and with this they are exceeding. At least they have so far.

Anon19743302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

But have they stopped Sony's growth? The PS2 is still the most played console in the US. When the PS3 launched it was never meant to replace the PS2, at least not immediately, and the PS3 after stumbling a bit out of the gate has been showing impressive growth worldwide. Before the economic malaise we currently find ourselves in, the PS3 was even selling better than the PS2 did out of the gate.

But not to make this about Sony, I think Microsoft has really struggled and as an XBox fan I worry. When the 360 is replaced in the next couple of years, that console will have to compete against a firmly entrenched PS3 with (if it maintains it's current sales and growth) an installed base of 50 million users, a cheaper console and another 4 years till it's replacement is due. I think Microsoft might find themselves once again in a PS2 vs Xbox fight, with the exception that at least this time people will know what an Xbox is.

kevoncox3302d ago

Nice Try Dark ride
but MS has had 2 profitable years off of the 360. 2007 and 2008.
It sur elooks like 2009 is oign to bring in even more profits. Why does everyone bring up the xbox when tralking about the 360's profitability. The 360 is a success. Period.

mint royale3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

looking at sales from 5 years ago and today it is clear that the playstation family is selling at lot less than it did. Nintendo are the big winners over the past few years.

I agree that the ps3 has shown impressive growth considering its price over the last year but for sony as a whole this is being offset by the natural decline of the ps2. In a few years the ps2 will cease to exist and sony will be left in a fight for second instead of way out front in first.

If you asked the big 3 in 2004 whether they would be happy with what they saw now then I know who would be pleased and who would not be.

As for the future I'm not going to speculate because everything and anything could happen. If nintendo or Microsoft develop something revolutionary and sony haven't planned a new hardware release then I would fear for sony too.

@kevon - microsoft made a loss in 2007 and their first profit in 2008.

Anon19743302d ago

That was a loss of 1.8 billion that fiscal year. There's only been one profitable year for MS games so far.

I have no idea how fiscal 09 will shape up or if they're looking for profits again. The economic downturn has slowed things and it's as of yet unclear what the price cut did to MS Game's revenue.

The Lazy One3302d ago

"So far between the Xbox and the 360, Microsoft has only one profitable fiscal year under their belt for the games division. And that's the problem. How can you consider a console a success when the company may never see a dime."

Summary: You just said they made a profit. The company saw a dime. Success.

The original xbox wasn't about making a profit and never was. There are comments from Microsoft pre-release of the Xbox stating that the Xbox was never about making money, it was about breaking into the industry, and it served it's purpose.

That said, the 360 is making money, and it has a positive outlook. It's not all about what's making money now, it's about what will make money down the road. The 360's about to turn it's second profitable year in 2 years, and is slowly filling in the hole microsoft dug themselves into with the original xbox.

The 360 is a success. Period. It expanded it's user base over the previous generation, and turned a non-profitable division into a profitable one.

Anon19743302d ago

I understand what you're saying and I agree. MS is making a profit now from the 360 - but it doesn't look like it'll be enough to pay for what they spent to make that profit. That was the point I was trying to make. Don't get me wrong - Sony themselves have said they aren't sure they can recoup the PS3's costs, I'm not just being critical of Microsoft for the sake of being critical, but in terms of is a console a success or not I'd think one of the factors this time should be "Did it make more money than it cost?"
They aren't trying to just break into the market this time. If you lose 3 billion and then make $400 million - great you're making money but you're still down 2.5 billion with not very much time left.

7h3ultim8p003302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

Darkride you really don't know what you are talking about. The Xbox 360 has been profitable for 2 years now; that's 2007 and 2008. Yes, they reported a 1.8 billion dollar loss for fiscal 2007, but that loss is due to the fact that the original Xbox cost them so much, and their gaming division is still in the red. Even though the 360 itself was and is profitable, their gaming division has not yet recovered.

Their report for fiscal 2008 will also be a loss, unless their gaming division has profited enough to make up for the original Xbox's loss.

cereal_killa3302d ago

"The Xbox 360 has been profitable for 2 years now; that's 2007 and 2008. Yes, they reported a 1.8 billion dollar loss for fiscal 2007, but that loss is due to the fact that the original Xbox cost them so much, and their gaming division is still in the red."

1.8 billion dollars was due to the original xbox in 2007 WTF!!! 2 years after the Xbox was canceled and abandon What r u talking about the original xbox was a loss of 3-4 billion dollars RROD cost them another 1.5 billion dollars and counting I dont know where you get you facts from but I don't recall the 360 seeing a profit (and if it did it wasn't until LATE 2007) so that means the 360 was selling at a loss until then plus add 2005, 2006 and more than 1/2 of 2007 maybe the GAMING division which includes the Zune and PC but after seeing how the Zune is going on right now with there own problems they may be losing more money replacing those.

Anon19743302d ago

7h3ultim8p00 said "Darkride you really don't know what you are talking about. The Xbox 360 has been profitable for 2 years now; that's 2007 and 2008. Yes, they reported a 1.8 billion dollar loss for fiscal 2007, but that loss is due to the fact that the original Xbox cost them so much, and their gaming division is still in the red."

I even provided a link to Microsoft's fiscal update for 2007. There's just no excuse for being this wrong.

7h3ultim8p003297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

@ cereal:
Well durrhhhh! If the original Xbox cost them 3-4 billion dollars, and they are now making a profit, doesn't it make sense that the number by which they are in the red will be smaller? It's simple subtraction. When a company looses money, they don't simply stop reporting it because they started a new console cycle. That loss will stay with them until they make it back. It just makes sense that their fiscal 2007 update will include the loses they have accumulated.

The 360 has been profitable for pretty much 2 fiscal years now. You can google it.

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Nathan Drake3302d ago

We need to see the actual sell-through numbers first before making any declaration,shipping consoles is swell and all but if they're not in peoples homes,then there's a problem.

darkequitus3302d ago

Same goes for the other 2 consoles

die_fiend3302d ago

Those sort of numbers don't exist do they? U can't total what retailers have told can you? Either way, they've got 17 million paying for live each year so they must be making back the huge losses they've made in this industry. Not that I care too much cos they've provided me with loads of great games, just hope they actually stay in the business.

Captain Tuttle3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

The NPD's for the US and Media Create for Japan measure units sold to customers. There's something similar in the UK (the name escapes me) but there's really nothing for Europe. These are actually sold to customer numbers for a fairly large section of the customer base. Europe is more or less a patchwork and educated guesses.

RebornSpy3302d ago

Half of the Wii's are on eBay, but that doesn't affect the numbers.

Dlacy13g3302d ago

I get people want to spin the hold ship vs sold argument. But reality is, if ANY of these companies ships off units to Walmart, Best Buy, etc... those units are considered SOLD since those stores had to buy them. Thats how these companies record their sales...they don't tall up the actual sales of consumers at teh stores because they are not part of that transaction.

So lets just put that argument to rest finally and just understand shipped and sold are one in the same for the console makers.

Anon19743302d ago

Dlacy13g's right. There isn't a big retailer sell database we can refer to that shows what everyone, everywhere is selling. All we'll ever know is what's shipped to retailers, and given that no store out there is in the business of stockpiling consoles it's a pretty resonable assumption that if they're going to stores they're being sold or the stores wouldn't be asking for them.

mint royale3302d ago

I have no idea why many think this its completely stupid.

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Omega43302d ago

Outselling your predecessor and having a record attach rate = a huge success, no matter how you try and spin it

Danja3302d ago

I hope you realize that the original Xbox was only on the market for 3.5 years till M$ killed it so all they had to do was keep the 360 more viable for a longer time and they were bound to outsell it....

Sprud3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

Attach rate increases as time passes. A console that has been out longer should have a higher attach rate. This is basic logic, if you know what attach rate actually means.

DaKid3302d ago

isn't attach rate total software sales divided by total hardware sales? thus giving you a ratio of software to hardware?

Anon19743302d ago

There was an interesting article a couple of years ago about the dark side of attach rates. They noted that when a hotly anticipated game came out attach rates would spike for the 360. "Rather than reflecting a healthy software market as the figures would immediately suggest, it was in fact an indication that only hard-core gamers were buying Xbox 360s. Catering to the hard-core gaming market exclusively is not a recipe for commercial success."

And when you think about it, it makes sense. The 360 has an attach rate of about 8. Six of those would be Halo 3, Gears 1 and 2, GTA5, COD4, and Forza 2 which almost half of 360 owners own. What about the other 400 games out for the 360? You have to admit, the hot games like Gears sell like gangbusters on the 360 - but what about the Banjo Kazooie's, the Blue Dragon's, Lost Odyssey's and Too Human's? Good games that can't seem to find audiences on the 360. What do you think that says to developers looking to market something other than a shooter?

Captain Tuttle3302d ago

I was with you until you mentioned Too Human. That wasn't a very good game.

mint royale3302d ago

You can say the same about the ps3 and wii which have struggled to sell certain games. Its just the way it is.

DaKid3302d ago

Too Human was a great concept, and could have been huge. But did you play that game? it was broken in ways that made it almost not fun to play.

Anon19743302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

The reviews weren't bad, by any stretch of the imagination. I thought it was fun, but when I see a game like Mercenaries 2 outsell Too Human, it worries me. Mercenaries 2 hit me almost immediately as bad, a pale imitator to a game that surprised me originally.

It's always worried me when looking at 360 sales that games which commit the sin of being simply good are routinely ignored. But it was the same way on the old Xbox. Halo 2 can sell 8 million but a game like Indigo Prophecy, Call of Cthulhu, Psychonauts can't find an audience and again the 360 is finding it hard to establish itself outside of the US, just like the original Xbox. It's all well and good when everyone's patting themselves on the back looking at Gears 2 sales, but I find these repeated patterns troubling.

Edit: I agree with Mint. All consoles suffer this to some extend. The Wii is the worst, imo, but the PS3 seems to be the console that can move pretty much anything, all across the board. Things that 360 owners would never dream of touching like Singstar, LBP. Hell, Soccer games. Soccer, for the love of god!

Dread3302d ago

"soccer" is the most popular game in the world.

and with the attach rate of ms i would not be making comments on how allegedly sony is able to sell more games (or more games of different types) this statment needs to be backedup with data for me to take it seriously son.

The Lazy One3302d ago

OMG blow it out you a$$.

NPD numbers consistently show that even non-must have games sell well on the 360.
October had Fable 2, Fallout 3, Dead Space, and NBA 2k9 all in the top 10 on NPD
september had Star Wars Force unleashed, Rock Band 2, Mercenaries 2, and Madden 09 in top 10 for 360.
August had Madden, Soul Calibur, and Too Human in the top 10 on 360.

July had NCAA football, Soul Calibur 4, and civ rev in the top 10 on 360.

The 360 just sells a lot of games. Deal with it.

That said:

The xbox was on the market for 5 years.

launched Nov 15 2001, discontinued 2006.

Anon19743302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

@ Dread. Do your own research. Look at The Lazy One. He isn't afraid to back up his statements.

@ The Lazy One. Looking at the top 10 list just goes to illustrate what I'm saying. The 360 will have a few games that sell great, but what about the others? What about the games like Blue Dragon, what about the other 50 games that were released for the 360 that month?

And here's another problem, what on earth does NPD data prove? It proves that will a higher installed user base in the US the 360 can break into the top 10. We knew that. Let's start to examine that data. We'll use NCAA football for example. In July the 360 version sold 397k vs the PS3 which sold 242k. How many 360's were there in the US in July? About 12 million. PS3's? About 5.5 million.

Take a moment to digest that. With over twice as many installed units, it should be selling twice as many games...but it's not. And this is just what's happening at the top of the charts. If you look further down the charts you'll find the effect is even more pronounced, which was my point. The 360 doesn't have issues moving high profile games - it has problems moving everything else. When you look futher down the charts you'll see most titles the PS3 is selling just as well or close to the 360, but with far fewer installed consoles. That's why developers are saying they make more money off the PS3.

What happens if the PS3 continues to grow like it is and suddenly we're at 30 million installed consoles next year? Sure the top of the charts might still look good for the 360, but how do you think the rest of the charts will hold up with the 360 barely able to keep ahead now. There aren't just 10 games that come out every month that we see on the charts, and the developers are backing up this claim. Just look at EA's fiscal statements to see where their money is coming from.

You need to look beyond the top 10 lists in the US. You can bet Microsoft is which is why you're seeing games like Lips, At the Movies and Banjo Kazooie. Problem is 360 fans aren't cooperating.

The Lazy One3302d ago

That might be true, but you don't account for platform genre preference. Let's look at Battlefield Bad Company. Life to date sales of BFBC show the 360 outselling the PS3 version by more than 2:1 in the US.

360: ~730k
PS3: ~336k

or Tom Clancy's endwar, where the 360 version outsells the PS3 version more than 3:1 in america

360: 320k
PS3: 100k

or star wars the force unleashed outselling more than 2:1

360: 984k
PS3: 489k

This is all despite the PS3 having more than half the consoles in the US than the 360.

N4Flamers3301d ago

yeah I think you're views are a little clouded on this matter. I like most of those games that you mentioned and the truth is most have sold about 1 mil or more, even toohuman made a profit. The fact that development costs are low on the 360 lets developers make a profit on it. You can't take date from one game and then consider it a trend, as the lazy one proved it's not going to apply to every game.

The last thing is that the 360 has 47 games that has sold over 1mil and thats mare than twice what the ps3 has. Some of those games are the ones you stated like toohuman, LO, and blue dragon.

N4Flamers3301d ago

just wanted to retract my statement about BD, LO, and etc... Those games have sold over .5 mil. It's kind of sad because the simpsons game outsold them and that game has nowhere near the level of polish BD or LO have, I thought it was better than TH though.

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yoghurt3302d ago

It depends on what you define as a success? if succeeding is selling well after 3 years then great, if selling well after 3 years because of massive price drops is a success then yes. It depends, success might be they are making money from it, or they have SOLD a certain number of consoles, who knows. Is selling 1,000,000 consoles at $10 as much of a success as selling 500,000 consoles at $20?

ha ha, i'm just writing for the sake of it now, i'll stop

ceedubya93302d ago

"massive" price drops are you referring to?