2009 Will Not Repeat Last Year's Market Growth

Though the UK's videogame market enjoyed huge growth throughout 2008, GfK Chart Track's business group director Dorian Bloch tells Edge that such a feat is not likely to be repeated this year.

Data compiled by GfK Chart Track shows that UK consumers spent some £4 billion on videogame goods in 2008 (a figure which combines sales of console hardware, PC and console software, along with accessories and peripherals). The biggest drive in total market value comes from software sales, which accounted for some £1.9 billion, up 23 percent from 2007.

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PirateThom3507d ago

They say this every year and every year they're wrong.

die_fiend3507d ago

Yeah but this year there's a huge recession you numpty. Plus there were tons of big hitters in the holiday season, more than I can remember in recent history

Captain Tuttle3507d ago

I think it's pretty obvious in this economy.