New Tekken 6 Trailer

Since Tekken 6 comes out in November, the trailers keep on coming.
This one is sick and shows us a great game. gives us the link to

''This year, two major beat em'-ups will rock the consoles. First there's Street Fighter IV but Tekken 6 is coming out this November and is showing great things.''

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Israfel3427d ago

I won't be purchasing this for my Xbox360 Or Ps3.

shadowghost7523427d ago

I will be getting this game, you want to play in NOvember? add me on psn


Cwalat3427d ago

hahah just my thought :P

who won't wanna buy this game when it's november and the graphics are much better?

alot of ppl will say :P "guess i was wrong... "

Helghast Slayer3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Cool trailer. But come on they could release the ps3 version since it's already done instead of delaying it until the 360 port is finished. This is completely unacceptable. Many of these devs don't seem to relies that the ps fanbase are the ones that kept their franchise going for so long.

Now anybody that says microsoft did not have a hand in this maneuver is a nit. Why else would you not want to release the game since the arcade version is done and uses the cell as does the ps3.

Arrg im sick of this. Just hope i care by the time it comes out.

360 man3427d ago

im sure it wasnt unacceptable when the ps3 version of gta 4 was holdin up the 360 version for almost 9 months

Helghast Slayer3427d ago

9 months my backside, why don't you try 4. Anyway the fact that the game is being released in nearly a full years time is complete unacceptable.

Hitmaker3427d ago

they want the Arcade version to do well, thus they delay the console versions to allow that. It isn't a port issue.

3427d ago
gametheory3427d ago

Anyway, it's funny you mention that GTA4 was being "held back" by PS3, "360 man", since you conveniently omit the fact that DVD9 held the game back, as both of the Houser brothers (the producers of GTAIV) said. Furthermore, you have no place complaining about GTAIV being "delayed", considering Rockstar pretty much did Microsoft a favor by launching it day and date with the PS3 version. Not only that, but you're getting extra content. Don't be a douche.

Sony fans can definitely complain since Tekken was always a PlayStation game. All these previously Sony exclusive games are getting delayed because of 360s ports, Microsoft's b1tchiness (there's no way Microsoft will allow its box to be snubbed as it was last gen as long as the paychecks come from them) and games are being gimped to fit on a single DVD9. Hey, if the Xbox fanboy above me wants to think everything 360 man said is true, then what I'm saying has at least as much credibility if not more.

jetlian3427d ago

thats holding the game back its the BR add-on stuff!!. T6br JUST CAME OUT IN JAPANESE ARCADES DEC 20 2008. Their giving the arcades time to make money. Also MS had nothing to do with it coming out on the system.

1 million sales of soul calibur did! thats 29+ million by making it multiplatform. Namco would be stupid not to put it on 360.

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shadowghost7523427d ago

This is quite an old trailer aswell, i have had this on my ps3 since early december

Pheq3427d ago

Im not usually a fan of fighting games, although I did buy Tekken Dark Resurrection for my PSP and enjoyed it. I'll keep an eye out for this one I guess...

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